Nashville artist Joey Sandak has dabbled in any and every genre you can think of. Growing up in New York allowed Joey access to a stimulating musical community and inspiration seemed to ooze out of every experience she had as a child. 

Her Spanish and Jewish roots alongside exposure to various cultures played a massive role in her music, style and career. Her love for fashion as a medium for self expression enriches her artistic self which you can tell by her sense of style being quite spot on. There were long periods of her life where she never repeated an outfit, she reveals. 

Her music is all about feeling comfortable with your body and who you are. Her passionate and provocative nature is not only revealed in her aesthetics but it’s celebrated in her sensual and sophisticated sound.

Joey’s new single ‘Chanel and Smoke captures everything that Joey Sandak is and serves as an introduction to her future projects. We met with her in the woods and dressed her up in our official clothing line before we asked her about her story and artistic persona.

Photography: Jonte Swoope Fashion: Mundane Clothing

When did you start playing music?

I wanted to do music my whole life. My teachers in middle school were like “let’s do rock, pop, contemporary, jazz!” They pushed me to play every instrument I could get my hands on.

I went to Miami for my first 3 years of college and spent my last year at Belmont University. My time at both institutions pushed me to be truly ME as an artist and refuse to fit into anyone’s mold of whatever people think I should be. 

Being on stage is where I thrive and feel the most myself!

What are your musical influences?

I grew up on Dave Matthews Band, I sang all those songs when I was little as well as Santana, The Beatles, a lot of Queen, The Grateful Dead, Neil Young, James Blunt, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson and many more.

However Norah Jones had a lot to do with my early vocal development – I thought her voice was so silky and melodic. Now I listen to a lot of Amy Winehouse, Mac Miller, Teyana Taylor, Snoh Aalegra; her album, ‘ugh those feels again,’ is just beautiful. 

I listen to a lot of my friends, too. Shima, for instance, does funk/electronic music that’s new and fresh and has a lot of Japanese-American influence. Kid Sistr features two of my friends from Miami and they’re sick too. 

What are your thoughts on social media today, especially as an artist?

I am an open book, I try to talk about anything. The more conversations we have the less stigmatized the topic becomes. Human beings need connection. So I think it’s a good thing in the long term – if only people would be kinder to each other.

What do your views on sexuality and the female body come from?

Mostly from my Spanish roots (my mother was born in Spain). I was taught to believe nudity doesn’t necessarily have to be sexualized. The human body is incredible and the female form is beautiful. People who are comfortable with who they are can be labeled as promiscuous and that needs to change. 

Photography: Jonte Swoope Fashion: Mundane Clothing

What about your fashion Influences?

As you can probably guess I love Chanel. It’s classic and timeless. I like a clean classic look but I’m not going to shy away from bold colors or dramatic silhouette. Most importantly I want something that makes me feel sexy and matches my provocative nature. 

I look at Marilyn Monroe as an inspiration.She’s the perfect example of someone who never let the clothes wear her. Her body was her canvas. 

I was actually known as “The Dress & Heels Girl” at UMiami because I wore a different outfit every day – always in heels. Everything is an occasion. If I feel beautiful dressed in a certain way, I naturally feel more confident. 

Let’s talk about your single, ‘Chanel and Smoke’

I wrote ‘Chanel & Smoke’ at UMiami for my Junior recital in April 2018. It’s about sex, weed, and depression. There’s a bunch of hidden bong rips and other samples in there. The upright bass on the track is actually a sample from the actual recital. 

I wanted to show who I truly am. I have an insatiable hunger for sex. I love smoking weed. My thoughts may be dark but I know who I am. Most importantly, I feel comfortable in my body. 

It’s time for the female artists to reclaim our sexuality and what it means to be provocative and enjoy our own pleasures.

What are your future plans?

Well, my next single is coming out on November 25th. It’s called “My man”. I’m very excited about it! Both “Chanel & Smoke” and “My Man” were mastered by Emily Lazar who is simply an icon. Talk about powerful women in the music industry!

Listen to “Chanel & Smoke’ HERE and check out her Linktree

Photography: McCayla Mcclard Fashion: Mundane Clothing