Photo Credit: Benjamin Ruttner

At only 21 years old, Madrid exudes a wisdom far beyond her years on the intimate track, painting a picture of her own martyrdom in a toxic relationship that is nuanced, vulnerable, and self aware. “Savior” is accompanied by the announcement of Madrid’s self-titled debut EP 

Brimming with heart racing production and an ethereal vocal performance from Madrid, “Savior” packs a punch both sonically and emotionally. There is an earnest and unflinching messiness to the track, showcasing Madrid’s brave willingness to explore aspects of a failed relationship that may be flawed or shameful. 

Religious allusions blend seamlessly into the alt-tinged production; complete with rebellious drum beats and a 2000s inspired bass line. As a songwriter Madrid has mastered the skill of simple but effective lyricism, penning relatable and memorable one liners like “if I’m too young to fall in love, then tell me what the fuck that was’ ‘

“I wrote “Savior” when I was pretty fresh out of my first real long relationship. It’s about having this intense love that slowly starts to fade when you come to the realization that you have been giving up more of yourself than you are receiving, and it’s drained you completely. You know there will never be enough to give to this other person and it has created this apathetic attitude that eventually leads to the end.”