This album is called ‘Enfant Roi’ which means king kid. It’s an album about being a big kid in a rather hard world, but always maintaining a positive point of view and not taking anything for granted. It’s about freedom, and how even with all of life’s trials and tribulations, you can make your life look how you want it to,” said Poupie about the album. Of “Much Labia feat. Guaynaa,” she said: “Guaynaa is such an amazing person and character. He’s different, he always has this humorous side, and I really wanted to connect our worlds on this song.”

Traveller at heart, Poupie collected a thousand stamps on her passport growing up. Having been to England, Spain, US, Canada etc. really shaped her outlook on life and her whole creativity.

“My parents used to listen to a whole lot of old music like Alphaville, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston but growing up I discovered Raggae then I went to Spain and discovered reggaeton which I really love. All these influences are very important to me so I wanted the record to highlight all of them and mix them up!”

 “This is how it is – she continues – I never really wanted to give myself any limitations! I wanted this record to sound and feel very free!”

Enfant Roi was preceded by its singles “Comme les Autres,” “Thelma et Louise,” and “Feux” (feat. Jul), the latter of which was first released in October 2020. To date, Poupie has amassed over 45 million total global streams, and was named a Spotify EQUAL artist in August of this year as well as being a part of both the Spotify RADAR 2021 program and Vevo Newcomer 2021 program. 

When we asked about what she feels her place is in the French and European scene she simply stated:

“I don’t feel I belong to what is really super popular and mainstream here in France. However, there are some elements of my music that could be interpreted as mainstream’ such as my piano and vocals songs but at the end of the day I’m not afraid to take a risk and present a more unique sound to the scene because that’s who I am, you know!”

What’s the theme of this record, then? 

“I write songs about freedom, about being and emancipating yourself truly! This is what this record is about! Taking risks, taking steps towards what YOU want to accomplish and not being afraid of failing or disappointing people! This is who I am, I am a free artist and I want to show it in my music!”