Sassy Belgian duo JUICY are pleased to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Youth’, lifted from their forthcoming debut album ‘MOBILE’ due later this March.

They say: “This track’s out just before the release of our debut album ‘Mobile’. Behind the metaphor of a disposable supermarket tray, we display the hunt for old age in our century. In our Western society, obsessed with beauty and youth, an ageing woman does not have the same status as a man. Whether in the art industry or elsewhere, the status of ‘mature woman’ is not represented, nor accepted. The old gray haired witch versus the old wise man with salt-and-pepper hair, here is the line of thought that we aim to portray.”

What inspired this record?

With our debut album ‘Mobile’, we decided not to make any concessions. we have many different influences, having both studied classical music, jazz but also listening to soul, hip-hop… we chose to let all these influences live together and cohabit.

We wanted to contrast elements with strong connotations. For example, in “you don’t have to know” you can hear a grandiose arrangement for orchestra but contrasted with a big autotune on the voices. We wanted to propose something different.

What is the lyrical content inspired by?

The content of the texts is inspired by our lives. Things that touch us and that make us think as a 30 years old woman, in 2022 in our society. 

We talk about the limits of our ways of functioning, the deconstructions to be done, the loss of illusion and the obligation to sharpen our positions in front of the changes to come. 

It is certain that this album approaches few joyful subjects. We give ourselves the freedom to use other narratives than ours to evoke problems.

Mobile is above all an invitation to sharpen our reading grids, our critical senses, to put reflection and awareness back at the center of our lives.

How do you keep yourself inspired?

With that in mind, we feel like it’s just a matter of turning on your phone or going out on the street to be inspired haha

But we are very protective of creative moments. We usually go away together to a place that is completely removed from the world. We start by writing the music, keeping in mind the list of themes we want to tackle. And in two weeks the skeletons of the pieces are refined.

We prefer to be out of our daily lives to compose and write, in order to keep the process unpolluted by all the other things we have to do.

What was your first exposure to music?

We both have the same musical background.

We started music at the age of 3-4 with classical piano lessons. I (Julie) grew up in a family of musicians and Sasha grew up in a family of actors, so we were immediately immersed in an artistic environment.

We both sang in different jazz, pop and rock bands and we met in 2011 at the jazz conservatory of brussels in David Linx’s class. Since then we’ve been working together on many different projects and JUICY was born in 2015.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

We are both obsessed with music. It gives rhythm to our lives. We are also both perfectionists from a musical point of view, so work is a big part of our lives.

However it is important for us to use the content of the lyrics as a vehicle for meaning.

We don’t advocate “art for art’s sake” but rather to use this medium as a vehicle for messages and thoughts. 

And it is particular to spend one’s life working assiduously to spend only a few minutes on stage, even if one plays regularly. In any case the absence of concerts these last two years has put a lot of questions of meaning in our heads. 

We need to share our work with the public, otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

What are our next moves?

Do concerts, again and again. We’ve worked enough in our basement, now it’s time to make the world discover Mobile and play it everywhere we can 🙂