A self-proclaimed southern artist with “northern roots,” Jade Million is not the typical singer-songwriter one expects to see coming out of Nashville. “Nashville’s not just country music!” she declares, her bright green hair glinting in the ~very flattering~ overhead light at Hampton Social. 

“I’m all about taking risks,” she states, “especially in the Nashville scene. Instead of trying to fit in with that mold, I’ve been trying to forge ahead and break out of it. I believe in this city and that it can break from this ‘Music City, Country USA’ type thing.” 

“My hair is green, and I’m gonna post content that your mom may not love. I’m trying to be unafraid and myself. I don’t want to maintain mystique over connecting with my fans.”

Jade Million

Bre nods in agreement, “Jade has a different glow about her. She’s just so bright – her spirit is bright – from a music side and a human side. She’s unique from other female artists”

Bre also strives to inspire and connect above all else.  “My purpose is to heal people. Even if it’s not always ‘being positive.’ I study people all the time, the way they react. I take inspiration from everything and anything.”

Her new single, “Strawberry Lemonade feat. 2 Live Bre,” is the energetic summer bop we’ve all been waiting for. “This is my best song yet!” Jade proudly proclaims. The collaboration between the two Nashville artists is a hit that brings together Bre’s lyrical dexterity and Jade’s husky vocals. 

“Nashville as a city is going to be really excited about this,” declares Jade. “This was my goal collab for 2020. I make one every year.” The track is certain to satisfy both fanbases, bringing the underground Nashville scene closer. 

“This is probably the most fun collab I’ve done this year,” states Bre, “The energy was true in the moment. I got to be in her world and see what she was about.” After making it onto Rhythm + Flow in 2019, Bre is in process of creating the mini-series Shine, in which he stars as a mentor and judge. 

“I feel like Shine is going to be a platform to show that every artist is the same. Every artist is talented. I want to see an industry where everybody gets to show their light”


I don’t want it to be a game. I want people to be able to feel creative, no matter what in order to bring attention back to the simpler, more important things.”

His mandate is “being true to loving people. Love is the key to everything. I want my brand to show people where to go. I’d like to light the way a bit.”

When asked what advice they’d give to fellow independent artists, Bre asserts, “comparison doesn’t help. Don’t ever compare your position. We’re all in the same circle, we’re all trying to do the same things.”

Jade, having recently launched a Tik Tok series detailing her journey to success, echoes this sentiment.

“If you are not being honest about your journey and showing people the ins and outs. People want to hear your story, not how you blew up overnight. They want to ride with you no matter what.”

Jade million

“I like the wave of independence that’s coming” Jade states. “I’ve been with a major label before. It was terrible, and it taught me a lot. I think it’s crazy how much money has been stolen from artists. People get blinded by an initial advance and then they rob you for the rest of your career. I want there to be more education and artists speaking out against labels.”

“I never did music to be famous, it was like a diary to me. My grandma passed away when I was 13 or 14, and I was using it to fill that void. Music started to feel like home. I got into it to heal myself.” 


Music is the great panacea, and in the face of a global pandemic, these artists are paving alternate routes to success through integrity, transparency, and ingenuity. “Strawberry Lemonade” is your new soundtrack for road trips, dancing around your kitchen, and tanning in your backyard (cuz we all are supposed to still be in quarantine right?). Put it on repeat. No ragrets. 

Stream “Strawberry Lemonade” here

Photography: Stephen Dillon

Styling: Sarah Rogowskey

Fashion: Mundane Clothing