What’s your story as an artist? 

It’s more of a Bildungsroman.

What inspired this last release?

The early description of water in ‘Nocturne’ by Frank Swinnerton.

Brief compossibility talks. 

Some previsions of farawayness.

Do you get inspired by other art forms?

Exclusively by other art forms. Also, train chimes, overclouded times and untenanted spaces. 

Any funny anecdotes from the time you were recording or writing this?

No. Humor is a stranger.  

What’s your favorite place or environment to write?

Anyplace, under a cloudburst. 

What’s a record that shaped your creativity?

‘Laisse moi’ by Chantal Goya.

Who is an artist or band you look up to today?

One that has tested out Arte Povera. 

What excites you the most about what you do?

No excitement. Insouciant industry may lead to more satisfactory results.

What is your view on genres and music styles since you mix a lot of them in your music?

Differences in styles and genres seem minor. 

What does music and art mean to you?

Carte blanche. 

How would you describe your act in one word?