Ukraine-born Nashville-based electro queen BILETSKA delivers an epic song that bursts sonically and visually with stunning organic and digital landscapes. 

As each background evolves into the next, we see Biletska’s perspective alter as she sways and saunters in front of projections of opening flowers, rugged rocks against the open sky, mysterious forests, and majestic waterfalls. 

Contrasting with the pulsing LED disco-light backdrop, all the while depicting the transformations, evolvement, choices, mistakes, and hope that connects us all. Created by Artist/Filmmaker Casey Pierce in and around Nashville, as each scene flickers, Biletska adorns herself with a delight of form-fitting textures, from red silks to translucent chiffons. 

The music video for “Changes” is a magnificent fusion of electronic production and heavy rock guitars with an ethereal vocal blending and symphonic explosion produced by Handmade Productions (Gavin Shea and Chris Gill). 

“Time goes too fast, so why should we live with pain, dissatisfaction, or loneliness. It all can change; it’s up to us to when and how.





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