We already introduced alternative artist and songwriter ELUNIA a while ago and told you all about her genre-bending dreamy music. When we last spoke with her, her latest single “Pressure Points’ had just come out.

“Pressure Points” came about one afternoon in the middle of summer with all of the windows open. I finally felt at peace with something inside of me, and the right chords stood out effortlessly, which is a rare occurrence. Lyrically, it’s about idolizing someone as the hope I was looking for through a struggle with mental health, and the fear of losing them. 

At that time in my life, I felt like I was finally seen for my full potential, which gave me a glimpse of possibility when I could only see nothing before. You can hear the original voice memos in there from the day I started writing it with birds singing in the background, which felt so right to keep in since it’s quite a vulnerable song.” She revealed then

Well, she is coming back full circle now with a brand new EP titled ‘DEEP END.’

“The listener follows my path to finding a feeling of purpose, from the growing pains of bullying and exclusion to discovering people and experiences where I felt wholly accepted, and for the first time, at peace, with my own identity.” ELUNIA explains

Just like her attitude and artistic persona, the EP perfectly balances moments of darkness and light, deep reflection and hope. Musically this is achieved by marrying glimpses of mystical, oceanic electro pop with soothing and tender vocals. ELUNIA alternates moments of catchy synth lines to pensive melodic structures enhanced by heartfelt lyrics. 

The whole record is a testament to the journey of an artist and human being who since an early age managed to turn the infinite and at times daunting vortex of human interactions into an undeniable creative force called ELUNIA.