Photography Bella Howard

Following her recent acclaimed single “Between The Lines picked as BBC Radio 1’s ‘Next Big Wave’ and which compelled The Forty Five to ask “is electro-harp pop our new fave genre? Quite possibly” – today, electro-pop artist and harpist, TATYANA announces her debut album, Treat Me Right, alongside an irresistible track and video, “Kiss Me Right Now,” out everywhere now. Due out April 22nd via Sinderlyn, the forthcoming ten-track, highly-anticipated LP is also now available for pre-order & pre-save.

TATYANA’s latest sugar-coated pop banger sees the musician gush over her latest crush. In the infectious chorus, over auto-tuned vocals, she sings, “You could kiss me right now / I’ve been dreaming ’bout it / I’ve been dreaming ’bout a guy like you / Someone I know is gonna see me through.” The synthy, sweet, sparkling track builds like a crush does, slow at first, then comes crashing in, all at once. 

Tell us about your story as an artist.

I’m still on a path of discovery about what artistry means to me – because in many ways being a musician is a trade. It’s a craft you learn, it’s highly technical – whether that’s playing an instrument or using production software, and I do both. There is so much repetition, muscle memory and practice involved. Artistry is a little different, and to me it’s about opening up to the “source” as much as possible. I’ve been making and playing music my whole life, starting on piano and then later harp. When I started recording and writing songs around the age of 11, something changed and I felt this undeniable urge to pursue this mysterious process of creating something new. Now that I’m 1 album in, and working on my next one, I’m finally understanding the themes and motifs of my work – both sonically and narratively. My music is highly personal, but fundamentally I’m reaching for a universal experience. The themes are becoming clearer – projection, the In-Between, and the joy of the moment. 

What do you think is the most important aspect of your life right now?

Having fun. And hustling.

What makes this song special in your opinion?

Treat Me Right is special to me because even in the recording/production process it can be unclear whether something will come together until the very end. When I heard it in the mastering room with Matt Colton, we both realised that it was the star track of the album. The alchemy worked.

What inspired this track?

I’m always pulling from my relationships and personal dramas – mining my experiences for songs. Most of the album was written when I was single and dating, I think it’s sort of a mission statement about that and what I expect from potential partners. 

What are some of the core messages here?

Treat me right baby! Make me feel good. There’s some self-empowerment in there too – “i wanna show you what I like” – I think I was feeling pretty confident when I wrote this song. It’s obviously also an innuendo for female pleasure too. Very important.

How do you think TikTok and social media are contributing to changing an artist’s career?

If I’m being honest, it feels like a distraction and a burden on many days. But I can see the value of reaching so many people so quickly, and building a fan base all over the world. My opinion on it changes depending on how kind the algorithm is to me that week.

What excites you about your life?

I’m having so much fun being the life of the party and wearing cute outfits at the moment! Also the writing that I’m doing. I’ve become obsessed with music again which is nice – after music school I had a hard time listening to music for a while, even though I was making music all the time myself. Now I’m back to being a fan and it feels good.

What are some of your core values as a human being?

Kindness to everyone you meet. Loving god. Respecting your elders.

What are your projects for this year?

Putting my debut album out!! Treat Me Right comes out on April 22nd. Playing loads of shows. DJing. Writing, writing, writing.