Our friend Adi Yacobi is a singer-songwriter based in Israel. She is passionate about raising awareness for environmental subjects, gender equality and controversial topics through her music on a global level. Her goal is to echo a positive change all over the world by combining the power of music and her degree in psychology and sociology. Adi is currently involved in multiple organizations such as 4Ocean and Free Plastic in Israel as part of her advocacy while continuing to write and spread positivity through her music.

In her latest release “It’s All For The Better”, the songstress discusses her personal and treacherous journey stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship and recognizing the signs to leave. Adi says, “Emotional abuse is silent to the people around the person who experiences it, but for the person who lives it everyday, it’s eating them from the inside, leaving them with zero self-esteem and a darkened reality.”

“It all starts from a romantic and very loving relationship,” Adi continues. “Everything looks and feels perfect. Until the person is totally under the spell of the abuser – as if they are connected to wires of a marionette which is controlled by the abuser. Feeling helpless, voiceless, and losing control of their own life. “

“The structure of the lyrics to this song emphasizes the power of words in creating a better reality. In my B.A in psychology and sociology I have studied brain plasticity, where you can change the activity of your brain by changing your behavior and the words you use. I wanted to use that in the lyrics to create a better reality for me and for other women,” said Adi.

“The song begins with sad lyrics ‘I’m sad about the past, I’m sad about the things I didn’t do, I’m sad about the fact that I didn’t value myself more’ that transitions to the ending where I say ‘happy’ instead of sad: ‘Now I’m happy about the past, I’m happy about the things I didn’t do.’ I made this change because I felt that it was all a matter of perspective.”