Photography CAIT BRADY

You already know Nashville artist Amanda Stone. We had a chat with her a while ago regarding her single and video “I Want You” and we were simply enchanted by her story and charm. 

“I ran away from home at 17 and joined a punk band. How did it happen? I hardly know.” She had said then which is punk as hell in and of itself!

Amanda is serving up songs that are playful, catchy, modern and all her own. She teases elements of dynamic art pop, pulsing club music, unyielding punk and warm ‘60s nostalgia. 

She fearlessly explores the many different shades of her personality and brings new-fashioned vibrancy and old-fashioned influences to all aspects of her creative process. Stylized music videos and an ever-evolving image are her signature. 

Cutting her teeth in garage bands as a teenager, she holds firmly to that punk ethos and believes taking risks and remaining free to experiment are key to creation. She beguiles audiences into her opulent and sparkling world. 

Her latest single is titled “Candy Baby” and is the third in a chain of high-powered singles from Amanda Stone, is an exploration into both the tension and allure of duality in life. Painting the image of an “it girl” hitting rock bottom, the track leaves listeners wondering whether Candy Baby is a character or a touch autobiographical.

Amanda and producer Gregory Lattimer (Aaron Lee Tasjan, Albert Hammond Jr.) play with darkness and light lyrically and sonically, creating a contrast between the heavy narrative and sweet-as-candy melodies and jivey chord progressions. 

The song layers fuzzy, garage rock basslines, programmed pop drums and classic girl-group style vocals. Instead of pigeonholing one sound, Stone and Lattimer hone their alchemy of the modern and familiar into a rich, luscious mix.