Tell us about yourself. How did you get into music?

I’ve been in love with music since I was little. I used to write a lot of songs and over the years I started learning about production and everything started to make sense. Last year I was in a band called The Demo Magic, we had a pretty good time together, but I have the bad habit of pulling things to myself and working by myself, even if I have the possibility to work with other people, so I decided to work by myself. On February 27th (2021), I released my debut ep, Demo Takes, with some work that I had done over the last year. I was on a terrible creative block at that time and releasing the project helped me through it. Since then, I have been putting out some stuff, experimenting with new sounds, but right now I am working on a new project called Your Girl.

How would you describe the highs and lows of being an artist? 

Being able to express yourself through art and create something is the ultimate high of being an artist, it is just so fulfilling. Also as a musician, being heard and appreciated feels nice, I guess. The worst part about it, in my opinion, is sharing such personal thoughts and feelings, not bad but sometimes uncomfortable for me. I can be very cold and secretive about my feelings sometimes and it feels quite overwhelming to have someone to listen to your shadow, it’s weird.

Who are your all time musical icons?

I’d say Lana Del Rey, Mitski, Hole and Lady Gaga. I have lots of favorite artists but these are the ones that pop into my head every time I am asked this question.

What are some things to do to keep your inspiration alive?

I guess loving. I often fall in love with people, words, concepts, images, things and I feel the need to dedicate myself to them completely. I find something I get passionate about and write, write, write… Then I fall in love with something else and I keep on the process.

Who is an artist that you look up to more than others today?

I look up to Lana Del Rey. She is my favorite artist, an all-time favorite, not even kidding. I don’t even know for how many years I’ve listened to her music but I just know it’s a lot and I’m always here waiting for her new releases, it gets better and better.

Favorite activity to blow off some steam?

Incredibly predictable answer but listening to music. I’m always listening to music and it has a way of making me feel better. It can either numb any negative feeling I have or it can just make it worse. It can be like russian roulette, it all depends on a lucky day and a lucky shuffle on my liked songs.

Tell us about your latest release and how it came about

My latest release was a single called Perfect. It’s very different from my previous stuff. I am proud of it, everything went pretty well, most people enjoyed it, guess that’s what matters after all.

What are some things you do to deal with anxiety and creative blocks?

I am very active and I need new things and new concepts and new everything, this stuff sometimes ends up giving me some sort of anxiety. It sucks. I can not deal with ordinary peaceful days. I always feel the need to be involved in useless things just to keep myself a little less bored. I am terrified of stillness. And guess what? I don’t know how to deal with it.

But the real anxiety comes when I have creative blocks. Those are very rare for me, but sometimes it is inevitable and I get desperate when I try, try and try, but nothing comes out. Not being able to create is a true nightmare. I usually deal with it by forgetting about it. Distracting myself with movies, books, anything that isn’t related to my music, really. Creativity always comes back with time, I have learned to wait, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t suffer a little bit.

What’s the future looking like for you?

I am just really excited about the album I am producing right now. It has some really good songs already.

Who inspires your style and aesthetics?

Anyone with Scorpio placements on their birth chart. I just really wish I was you. Of course, my pluto in the 1st house speaks for itself and I try to cover my lack of Scorpio by having my cancer sun in the 8th house but I just love the Scorpio energy, it is very intense. I fangirl over Scorpios.

What is the achievement or moment in your career you are the most proud of and why?

Every time a Spotify user adds me to their playlists. It makes me feel so happy! I have a great time lurking through the playlists I am added to and seeing people’s profiles! I love it! It’s so simple but so fulfilling!

What do you think is the best way to make it as an artist nowadays?

I guess staying true to yourself. I know it sounds cliché, I get it, I’d probably make fun of a person if they said this to me too but I really believe that when you embrace your uniqueness and your quirkiness, it surpasses the soul and it shines visibly to everyone. It’s cool. People like that, I guess.

What would you change in the music and entertainment industry especially after this past year?

Quarantine made me dive deeper into the streaming platforms and I found out about incredible independent artists that I had never heard of before. I guess I realized, even with my own experience as an indie artist that it is very hard to grow a following and to be heard, there is just so much new content that is posted every day on all platforms, it can be difficult to catch people’s attention in an organic way. So I guess I just wish some of these bands got more recognition.