Bulgarian-born New York City based singer-songwriter Ruth Koleva returns with a brand new track ‘Kiss My Attitude’, following on from the recent single ‘Beyond Borders’ featuring Diggs Duke.

‘Kiss My Attitude’ is an emotionally charged affair, taking Ruth’s inimitable sound to a new level of spectacular. Imbibed with a potent message, the song builds on the soul drenched atmospheres that she’s so adept at creating and pulling her sound back into its core.

“Last year there were numerous assaults towards LGBTQI+ people in Bulgaria and we are seeing a rise in violence and homophobia in a lot of places in Eastern Europe. I wanted to shed light towards this problem, but also create a project that will show kindness and beauty and be a positive example for the general public. 

This video is in fact, the first openly gay portrayed music video ever made in Bulgaria. ‘Kiss My Attitude’ is a defiant ode to personal pride, accompanied by imagery that will force homophobes to question their beliefs, while inspiring the country’s youth to embrace their true selves” Says Ruth

Ruth Koleva isn’t afraid of starting anew. During the early 90s, in hardship of post- Communist Eastern Europe, Bulgaria underwent extreme financial collapse and so Ruth’s father, who is an Olympian and twice World weightlifting champion left for the Far East to seek new opportunities.

Little did she know while taking in the colourful sights and sounds of India, Thailand and Bahrain, she was growing up without a mother and separated from her twin brother, that music would later become her oxygen.

Her rebellious personality and bourbon-like voice helped her rise to stardom back in her homeland and while steadily working to hone her raw musical gifts, she developed into a genre-defying powerhouse artist, effortlessly channeling soul, drum and bass, R&B and indie-pop influences.