This was one of the most fun video shoots I’ve ever done. I feel like it captures the spirit of the song to perfection – tongue-in-cheek, fun, and cool. There’s also a very special guest in this music video…my baby! We shot this when I was 6 months pregnant, and currently, as I write this I find myself only 10 weeks away from meeting my daughter.

Says our friend Catalina about her latest music video “Distance”

Catalina’s mesmerizing vocal prowess is showcased through her soulful writing and expansive soundscapes. As a Chilean artist, Catalina has the ability to capture the audience through her Latin-influenced soulful pop sound and live shows. When she takes the stage, Catalina bares her soul to all who are willing to accept it; her playful eye contact, evocative emotions, and ferocious dance moves will draw you in.

She achieved success with her 2019 record, “Multifacética” by providing another taste of her eclectic sound as she shared the dualities of life through music and lyrics, in English and Spanish. Catalina has gotten great exposure on Lightning 100 and NPR’s WNXP in Nashville, as well as rotation on 150+ radio stations in Chile and the US.

The instrumentation was so light and poppy that I went in there to match that energy. It was such a weird year, that I just wanted to have fun with it. And now that I listen back I realized I did just that, and I continue to have fun with the unknown of what’s to come.

Distance, to me is transcendent. The lyrics talk about wanting some space within a relationship, but you could use it to continue asking for 6-feet apart in this COVID-19 new normal. Or you can transport yourself into an 80’s aerobics VHS to punch and kick your way through the music itself. It can be anything you want and YOU can be anything you want.”