“Mirror Image” by  Echo Collective is a captivating journey into the center of contemporary experimental classical music. In this album, as well as in their previous works, the collective delves into the exploration of fascinating soundscapes that create a holistic experience for listeners. 

The material seamlessly fuses classical compositions with modern elements, resulting in a striking sonic structure that can be described as captivating and hypnotic, whether you are an enthusiast of classic style or not. The combination of acoustic instruments and characteristic electronic textures of  Echo Collective creates a rich and dynamic atmosphere that draws the listener in from the first note. 

In terms of production, “Mirror Image” was created with meticulous attention to detail. The collective’s acoustic research in immersive environments, including 4DSound at Monom in Berlin and DNB Soundscape at CCHasselt in Belgium, has allowed them to create a truly immersive listening experience.

The album is a reflection of the musical connection and shared artistic identity between Margaret and Neil, who form Echo Collective, a diverse group of classically trained musicians based in Brussels, Belgium.

‘Dante’ is one of the musical pieces from the album. It is a powerful, immersive, and emotive musical creation crafted by this Belgian collective. The captivating music video masterfully directed by Jamie Lee, presents a subtle yet powerful visual narrative that manages to create a symbiosis between music and imagery that flows harmoniously. 

With polished visual aesthetics and meticulous editing, the ‘Dante’ video becomes a unique cinematic experience that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. Jamie Lee’s directorial mastery combined with the powerful musical backing of Echo Collective created an audiovisual gem that deserves to be appreciated time and time again.

“Mirror Image” is a stunning display of the talent and creativity of Echo Collective, who refuse to be pigeonholed in artistic terms, and instead, solidify their work as pioneers of contemporary classical music.