Photography: Jason Renaud

Styling: Luca Di Fabio

Wardrobe: Mundane Clothing

Video Tyler-Marie Evans

Video Editor Conner Wood

Hair Stylist Rolando Aqui

Make Up Artist Evelyn McCullough

“We wanted to do something for our own fans this time around. That’s how this tour was born. We’ve been making music for so long and after a couple of songs started going viral it seemed like we were doing festivals and club dates all the time which is amazing but we really wanted to get in front of our fans this time and raise some hell with them, you know!”

Electronic trio Cheat Codes is no stranger to the stage. Their live performances are quite memorable (and LIT AF!). CHECK OUT OUR COVERAGE

“This tour and this record represent Cheat Codes completely! We are singing, playing live instruments, bringing guests on and so much more. It’s the realization of a long thought out creative project that we get to play in front of the people that supported us for all along!” 

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