If Marty McFly and Doc Brown would go and start their beloved timemachine –The Delorean –and headed for October 22nd2021, while turning up the car stereo to the sound of ‘Won’t Be Drinking’ they’d probably burst: “Great Scott!”

The two brilliant main characters immortalized the iconic expression in the legendary 80’s blockbuster, Back To The Future, every time they were amazed or caught by surprise.

Marty and Doc eventually inspired 19-year-old Elias Nielsen from Denmark to go bythe moniker ofGR8SCOTTwho’s about to release his first ever song!‘Won’t Be Drinking’ is all buzzin’ and fuzzin’ with retro-futuristic notes as the dusty and groovy bass flirts with the sound of synth-organs, playful guitars and classic virtues of both disco and soul. It’s a most charming debut –a celebration of the party by a young man who doesn’t fall for the temptation of alcohol himself.

“I’m not a big party guy but I love to hang out with people and just have fun, and like everyone there is more than welcome to get drunk. I just don’t need it to have a good time, and Iwould hate not to be in control of myself so yeah, no from me.

I just wanna have a good time,”Elias says about ‘Won’t Be Drinking’. The GR8SCOTT-single is not to be interpreted as a reaction to an inflated drinking culture among his own generation but ismost of all a song of having fun:“My lyrics don’t actually mean much at the moment. T

hey just kinda happen, with my music too, it’s not something overly intellectual at all. This song just happened because I thought it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to hang out in groups and have fun. So I hope this will make people “la la” along-and it goes for everyone, whether they’re completely wasted or sober as can be.”