Tell us who you are and how you got to where you are now

I could say I dreamt my way here. With a little luck, of course.

If I look back at every little event or random instance that led to big projects and great rewards, I could say it was destiny. I’ve always been a rational person yet I kept getting attracted to art and creativity. It felt so natural for me! I guess you could say I had talent for it.

Though, only when I moved to Milan I realized that my creative hobbies could have easily become real jobs. I took photography courses and got to learn all about the technical aspect of it and gave me a new set of eyes through which I started looking at fashion and art from a different point of view. Fashion isn’t all glam and runways. It’s real, hard work. 

I decided to bring together my passion for fashion, my skills as a designer and my knack for technology and created an Instagram page with style tips, fashion news, lifestyle and more. Slowly but steadily people started following it and it never stopped growing.

What are fashion and entertainment for you?

Fashion to me is the past and the future. I was born into the fashion scene as my dad makes luxury leather packages for various brands so I had the chance to witness trends before fashion. Fashion is a way to express who you are as an individual and a member of a group. It’s the best way to define yourself! 

High fashion is something as beautiful as sculpture or painting. It’s about the glorification of beauty.

As far as entertainment goes, I’m not a huge TV person. I like doing things rather than watching them happen. Though, I had a wonderful experience as a reporter for Donnavventura which was so amazing and taught me so much!

What is your favorite staple of streetwear culture?

I just love jeans. I couldn’t leave without it. I own all kinds, in hundreds of colors, washes, styles. I could bever get tired of wearing them! 

Tell us about your life as a DJ and you passion for music

I grew up with music. As a kid I would much rather listen to music than watch TV. I listen to music every day and for every moment of my life whether I’m pulling all nighters for work, showering, riding the subway, chillin or whatever. 

I started DJing because I realized that going to the club and dancing to my favorite music just wasn’t good enough. I was missing something and that something was being in charge of the music in the club. Now it’s not only a job but also another great way to express my individuality. 

What are some fashion icons you are inspired by?

Definitely Chanel or Versace. They were such strong characters and visionaries who followed their dreams until they made the realities. The created pieces that we all dream of to this day.

If you had an upcycled oversize sleeveless denim jacket such as our Lettering, how would you wear it?

Maybe the question should be “How wouldn’t you wear it!”

Definitely with an oversized sweater, or on top of jogger pants and sneakers or even on top of an oversized tee and high heels.

What would you change in the fashion and entertainment industry today?

I would love to get rid of dishonesty, in fashion and in every other industry, to be honest. Envy and malice are terrible things and spread so much negative energy. We need more collaboration and respect among those who live and thrive in these industries!

What advice would you give to a young creative who wants to be where you are right now?

Dream big and work hard but also keep a positive and constructive attitude. Chilling on the couch is not going to make your dreams come true. 

What are your projects for the future? Any exciting plans?

Sooo many exciting projects! As soon as Covid loseens the last bit of its grip so much is going to happen. You’ll see!

What are you binge listening to these days?

Wow I listen to so much music it’s impossible to name just one artist which would honestly bore me, to be honest. I like literally every genre from electronic music (obviously!) to sappy teen tunes I used to listen to when I was in high school.