Photo Cred: Nat Souza

Los Angeles-based indie pop queen Kit Major is back with an exciting announcement: after sharing a string of singles for the past year, she’s ready to share her debut EP! With the announcement, she shares lead single “I’m Bitter!” and it’s a breakup pop to remember. Taking inspiration from Y2K pop-punk icons Avril Lavigne, The Veronicas, and Paramore, “I’m Bitter” is an addictive power pop banger packed to the brim with catchy guitar riffs and melodies that’ll immediately get stuck in your head. A must-listen for fans of Olivia Rodrigo.

I wanted to make a cinematic breakup song hitting romcom visuals like burning pictures, forgotten t-shirts, and flowers. But the more I wrote the more I realized I was self-editing to protect myself from feeling pain and disappointment, which of course, made me want to keep going to break through that! I’m a writer because I can only get through this world through music and my imagination.

I’m a romantic (and a nervous one), but with these last couple of years, especially with the pandemic, I’ve felt that I’ve been at risk of losing my own magic. I’ve noticed when you get older, it’s so much easier to get absorbed in your day-to-day existence. I don’t ever want to lose my imagination. I don’t want to stop wishing and hoping, and I don’t want to stop loving because I have so much love to give. This is a song for the inner romantics. I hope “I’m Bitter!” can make you feel like the main character you deserve to be in your own life.” — Kit Major