Photo by Jade Elhers

zach404 was created while touring with Tate McRae on off days in hotel rooms and green rooms. While Zach mainly writes for other artists, this is his first step as a solo artist as he hops genres, skips second verses and does just about everything wrong when you consider the traditional confines of pop/alternative music.

Many may know Zach as the co-creator of American folk-pop trio WILD, who signed to Nettwerk Music Group in 2016. He has achieved streaming and sync success with WILD, garnering over 100+ million plays across audio platforms.  He most notably co-wrote “This Is Our Time” which debuted on a national ad campaign for Mazda. He has also composed music for brands such as Pepsi, Nintendo, Disney, UGG, Hallmark, ESPN, MTV, NBC, HBO, and Sony Pictures amongst many others. 

He has written with the likes of Jon Levine, Jake Troth, Dave Bassett, David Hodges, Justin Gammella, Reid Stefan, Tim Myers, Christian Medice, American Authors, Larzz Principato, and many more. He has also written for artists such as The Mowgli’s, TOMI (RCA), RØYALS (Big Noise), J.C Chasez, and Seaforth. Currently, Zach is the guitarist/keys player for RCA Records artist Tate McRae. In late 2019 he created Mannequin Online; also signed to Nettwerk Music Group. Last year, he debuted his new artist project goth gf with best friend & music director Carter Vaughan.

“The song is actually more so me being honest and sort of a brat after a bad breakup. But who hasn’t been guilty of that?” Says Zach