The one-stop music creation platform now lets established artists and brands partner with creators and fans to create, release, own and promote songs, transforming casual music listeners and fans into A&R powerhouses.

LANDR is redefining collective creation and promotion of new music with the launch of LANDR Challenges. Each challenge will feature established music artists, influencers and brands as “hosts” who provide curated content to be used in the creation of original music or remixes by Challenge contestants. Participation is free, and contestants are encouraged to share their creations with family, friends, and networks. The goal: Gain as many votes for their tracks as possible.

“We’re fostering a new sense of co-creation and community ownership, to support what many in the creator economy are trying to do on their own. The experience will give everyone that extra little nudge to inspire, if they are the host, or to push themselves to up their game, if they are submitting a track,” explains Daniel Rowland, award-winning producer and Head of Strategy and Partnership at LANDR. “The community aspect will open up new connections and new ways of making and sharing music together.” 

“LANDR has always made it our mission to provide creators with the tools they need to connect more intimately with their fans. Now with LANDR Challenges, we’ve raised the bar on what’s possible for fan-to-artist engagement.”