Credit Sarah Lincoln

Belle Mt. is a musical chameleon and one of the most versatile rising artists on the musical spectrum today. You might catch him with his trio with a poignant alt-pop sound filled out by long-term collaborators Chris Burgess on drums/percussion and Ben Worsley on guitar, bass, and backing vocals or by himself with his guitar manifesting his most intimate incarnation with earth warming solo tunes.

As he continues his prolific streak, we had the privilege to have a chat with him about his most recent comeback marked by an acoustic version of “Famous Son.” 

“Famous Son was totally inspired by what my dad told me when I told him I wanted to become a professional musician. He just went ‘don’t get famous!’ which made me chuckle because shortly after I started putting my music out and performing, labels and management deals started to approach me which made my dad’s advice sound at least hilarious!”

“He used to be a news reporter for a local channel and actually kinda got some notoriety in the area so there would be times where we were out with the family and people would recognize him and say hello etc. He seemed not to cherish that little slice of celebrity status too much which always reminds me to keep my head and feet down to Earth and focus all my energy on my art rather than of a prospect of “success””

The band first emerged in late 2017 with their debut EP Volume I, captivating audiences worldwide with Matt Belmont’s emotive songwriting and heartfelt vocals. Their first single “Hollow” is a stroke of vulnerability and authenticity. 

“To make a long story short, I had lost a dear friend and while I wanted to write about it, I was so overwhelmed that I faced the most massive writer’s block of my life. I was stuck for weeks until one time my manager just bluntly told me that something like that doesn’t compare to literally nothing else. That opened my eyes to the fact that indeed something like that can’t compare to nothing else and I had to approach such a devastating event with that very spirit in order to be able to write about it. That’s how ‘Hollow’ was born.”

“Famous Son” is paired with a sister track titled “The Way A Young Heart Breaks,” which explores universal themes of love and loss and showcases one of the most beautiful videos from Belle’s catalogue.

Notwithstanding his dad’s worry, Belle Mt. keeps pulling in millions of streams with his distinctive songcraft showcasing his plaintive vocals, affecting lyrics and a penchant for earworm melodies while he’s about to embark on a massive tour with friends and colleagues from KALEO.

“We have been mates with KALEO for a while and honestly can’t wait to get on the road with them. We are all boosting our fitness and health levels in order to keep up with this challenging task but we are 200% ready and buzzing for it!”