As most of our readers know by now, anxiety and depression have been some sort of a creative pillar for our latest editorial endeavors.

We feel it creeping in, we experience it within ourselves and in our interaction with others. Instead of combating it, we romanticize it – we go to bed with it.

Sometimes doing what’s wrong or doing something that goes against what you’re supposed to do makes you feel like a rebel. It’s no secret that we have a soft spot for that.

How many times did you have to leave a party, declined an invitation or sat down by yourself at a gathering without saying a word to anyone because your anxiety kicked in? 

“I’m just gonna go home, snuggle with my cat and smoke a joint. A couple of pills or a sprinkle of Xanax will do the trick,” you say to yourself.

Truth be told, I’ve actually heard that very sentence quite a few times.

It might fix the problem in the moment, but the relief rarely lasts until the next party.

Here at Mundane, we’ve figured out that there are usually two ways to fix this kind of anxiety.

One is to make yourself feel better (with pills), and the other is to make yourself look better (with clothes).

You can imagine where we stand in this dilemma.

When torn between denim and Xanax, pick the denim. at the end of the day fucking around with your anxiety is a lot like masturbation.

You’re only fucking yourself.

Mundane_X_House_of _Adora

Photography by: @sdillionphoto

Model: @bernadine_elizabeth

Vest: @jp_custom_clothing

Styling: @goodrockinmama