If you are anything like myself and consider yourself the main character, Doctor Sign by Notelle needs to be added to your playlist immediately. The first time I heard this track I was completely hooked and immersed into this doomed, yet alluring universe that Notelle so carefully created through this piece of work.

It is almost impossible to listen to this song without imagining it blasting through the speakers of a getaway car, but what are we getting away from?

Lyrically, this song pushes boundaries and Notelle, herself, notes that she had to allow rather “unattractive emotions” to surface in order to create this project. These emotions she describes feel all too familiar if you have ever fallen victim to an emotional vampire, who will take and take until there is nothing left to give. Imagery fills this song with punch words describing this feeling as suffocating. 

Notelle begins with the lyrics, “Half alive, dreaming of apathy,” which beautifully captures self awareness, but not quite achieving this desired state of acceptance. It then delves into recognizing this person has wronged you in a gorey fashion, almost in a vengeful way introducing that there is “blood on your hands and it comes with a price.”

This song is a product of demanding power back, maybe the underlying empowerment comes not from the antagonist but from yourself.

On the production-side, the synth bassline is really what gives these lyrics power. Before the vocals even begin, we are immediately placed in an allusion of a nightmare, similar to the world Billie Eilish has created in many of her endeavors.

As we progress through this piece we experience adrenaline-driven beat drops that, in my opinion, represent an apocalypse of a mental pattern that can prove to be self destructive.

The finale is calmer, but has eerie undernotes that make you wonder, “is this chapter really over? Have you finally found peace within yourself and the situation, or will this arise again?” 

So as we transcend into this imaginary getaway car, are we really escaping from something or are we headed full speed to a more evolved version of ourselves?

In addition to “Doctor Sign,” Nashville artist, Notelle, has another new single called “Life Could be a Dream,” with similar haunting, yet beautiful undertones. With these two tracks under her belt, it is no doubt that any upcoming releases from Notelle will be on my radar. Next up ‘SUFJAN STEVENS’, a hot new track out on April 30th. Keep your eyes for that one cause you know it’s going be a banger!