UK rockers The Hunna has been through it all. From getting screwed over by their manager to getting dropped off in rural France because the tour bus driver hadn’t been paid for his work, the trio endured some many of the absurd vicissitudes that usually intertwine within the so-called “musician lifestyle” it’s hard not to consider them true rockers already.

The story that brought the three guys Hailing from Watford, Herts to record their third record ‘I’d Rather Die Than Let You In’ in LA with none other than John Feldman (mostly known for having produced Blink-182, Fever 333, Twenty One Pilots, Refused, Panic! At The Disco and more) is beyond inspiring.

When they broke out into the UK scene they fell into the oldest trap in the music industry – falling foul of a manager who locked them into a deal, with a company he owned but which now no longer exists. There is a long list of creditors – of which The Hunna has to be one of the largest.

“There were tours going on sale without us knowing about it. We’d wake up and find out  music we didn’t approve was released without our authorization. Bus drivers and staff weren’t getting paid and not once, but TWICE we were dropped in the middle of the road like that during a tour. It was just insane!” Ryan Potter, singer of the band, told Mundane.

The band learned about this messed up biz the hard way and after legal battles they managed to separate themselves from the old team and get back on track with their success. Because, at the end of the day, they had developed a significant fan base all over Europe and beyond.

Which brings us back to the present and the band’s rebirth with their latest record. release their single and video “Bad Place”. The  impassioned track is raw and personal with an incredibly resonating message – listen HERE. Coupled with the music video, “Bad Place” offers a compelling visual, smooth vocals and a mellow yet striking beat – watch HERE.

Another important element to this release is its connection to Mental Health Awareness Month. The Hunna and Fallen Media came together to kick off a campaign centered around a one-day activation that featured a video booth placed in the streets of New York City. 

In the booth, people were invited to give testimonies to their experiences over the last year and any challenges they faced and overcame. Beginning Friday, April 23, the content will trickle into a TikTok account (@BadPlace_) that will share these stories in support of Mental Health Awareness Month. This account will lead to the full launch, which includes a full length video on The Hunna’s website and YouTube channel, on April 30. 

The album shows two sides to the changed band – one which is more woke to the wider world, and one which is ready to party after the tough times they’ve been through. Opener One Hell Of A Gory Story sets the apocalyptic tone, finding The Hunna “fighting demons of the present, the future and the past” in a fiery wasteland; penultimate song The Horror picks up on the story, describing them witnessing the wildfires that struck the LA hills in 2019.”

The record a long a rich list of guests including institutions of the LA scene such as Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy or Blink-182’s Travis Barker as well as others that came via the band’s connections, like co-writers Carl Barat of The Libertines and Mike Duce of Lower Than Atlantis and up-coming LA singer Phem, the female vocalist on If This Is Love. 

Phem was someone Ryan had admired from afar who the band met, by chance, at Halsey’s Halloween party.

“First of all, Halloween in America is crazy! It lasts for weeks! We had the chance to attend Halsey’s party in LA and Phem happened to be there.I’m a MASSIVE fan of hers so when Dan texted me he was having a smoke with her I catapulted myself out there to meet her. We stayed in touch after that and she liked the music so she joined the album.The track came out better than I’d even imagined!” 

The Hunna is finally reborn and spawned a brand new artistic creature. 2021 is going to fully reveal its creative power and essence. You don’t want to miss that!