Photography Zachary Vague

Tell us about this EP. Why did you choose Confessions as a title? Are you trying to confess something yourself?

This EP was such a fun project because I feel like I’ve matured so much from the time I wrote the last EP until now. I get to explore these new parts of my life and experiences that are so different from last year or the year prior. I’ve grown a lot. I called this EP confessions for two reasons, the first reason is that “I must confess” is a line in the song “Got Me Obsessed” and the second reason is it feels like each of the songs on this EP speak to some sort of feeling that must be “Confessed”.

 What’s the most representative track on the record and why?

That’s so tough! I think all the songs represent me and my creativity in different ways, but I’d love to mention ‘Love Bites’ because of the writing process. I felt like I really harnessed the freedom of creativity here. The first verse is extremely repetitive, but has this poetic flow while the second verse is totally different and has this R&B feel. It was so interesting and different not to follow the usual ‘song formula’. It really is so hard though to choose though because I feel like they all represent me in one way or another. 

 You’re not a God’s music video seems like a visual statement of your essence. What inspired its direction and what inspires your aesthetics usually?

Yeah I think so too! That’s what we were kind of going for is this darker, more matured version of myself. My style has always been a mixture or feminine and masculine with black and white being colours I wear most and then we really wanted to use red to focus on in the visuals. We worked with Zac Vague, a creative director from Vancouver who is SO great, and we tried our best to tie all of the visuals together, showcasing the darker side of the song making sure it fit with all the other visuals in the project. 

 GLAAD crowned you 20 under 20 and of 10 LGBTQ women to watch. What kind of weight does your sexuality and identity carry onto your creativity and artistry?

I take a lot of pride in my sexuality and identity. It’s a huge part of who I am and I don’t really think too much about making sure it comes across in my music and visuals because I don’t have to. It’s just who I am as a person. I’m proud of who I am, and I want people who watch and listen to me to know that they can be proud of themselves too.