photo credit: Sawyer Brice

rising singer/songwriter Ber debuts a new song, “Your Internet Sucks,” alongside an accompanying lyric video. Of the track, Ber states, “‘Your Internet Sucks’ is an ode to the boy who broke my heart. I don’t wish him the worst, but I do wish him minor inconveniences. For example, when he’s playing Fortnite, I hope his internet sucks.” Listen to/share the song HERE.

“Your Internet Sucks” is the latest track to be revealed from her EP, Halfway. The EP showcases her lofty range as a songwriter, artist and creator, while growing her already fiercely passionate fanbase. Fans can pre-save Halfway HERE.

1. This title is quite clever. What inspired the internet analogy?

Haha, wishing someone— who played a lot of Fortnite while we were dating— bad internet speeds just seemed like the ultimate dig. It’s also quite innocent…. Which was important. The song isn’t about hoping horrible things happen to someone, it’s more about just wishing minor inconveniences on someone who hurt you in order to somehow justify karma. 

2. Do you usually channel your bad experiences and heartache into songwriting?

YES. Absolutely. this whole EP was written around healing from that— and it’s been so therapeutic. Writing is an outlet for me, and these songs brought me a certain clarity and an inch closer to closure from that heartbreak, and I really value this EP for that. I guess I find hurt and pain very inspiring! 

3. What are some of your favorite records or artists that shaped your creativity?

I really love and look up to Holly Humberstone, her record Falling Asleep At The Wheel is so good and has soundtracked so many moments for me, whether it be in writing sessions as I’m searching for the right guitar sound, or if I’m on the top level of a double decker bus in London and in need of a good cry (That happened more times than I care to admit…).

I also think the Melodrama album by Lorde altered the state of pop music, and skewed so many people a little left of pop, and thats been a fun realm to explore sonically. 

4. You lived in the UK for a long while. How did that change your artistry? 

It altered my perspective! Almost entirely! I became an adult there, I fell in love there, I learned British sarcasm. The music scene there is cold, cozy, lovely, and it’s where I began my songwriter journey, in my uni bedroom there, writing songs in Ableton with my friends. It gave me so much experience and shaped me so much! Its really lovely for me to see how that bleeds through in the music, the imagery, and me. 

5. What’s a song you wish you had written yourself?

Older Than I Am, by Lennon Stella . I feel like that song came from my brain. It speaks to me so deeply. 

6. What are some non musical sources of inspiration for you?

Movies! Stories. I love stories. I just watched Everything Everywhere All At Once, have you seen it? Stunning. 

I also really love rock climbing and walking my dog, Tilly. in my healing process, it was felt so good just to treat myself with normal things and fall in love with hobbies and remember that not everything was so deep, which really are the emotions that inspired most of this record.  

7. What is the ultimate message of your act? 

Oh gosh, I really am just trying to be honest and transparent, I hope to make other people feel seen in the way music does for me!