Dayon “D Kist” Bryant is a Birmingham, Alabama recording artist, specializing in R&B. Through the influences of the music his parents listened to including R Kelly, Joe, Donnell Jones, Trey Songs, and Charlie Wilson, led him to join the school band.

Playing around with his musical talent, D Kist began gaining attention not only locally, but from fellow breakthrough stars such as Charlotte hip-hop artist, Toosii.

As he continues to develop in the music industry, he is gearing up to release his debut project in Spring/Summer 2021, with singles including both Toosii and Erica Banks. D Kist looks forward to becoming one of the top R&B contenders in the game, with plans to chart, tour and develop his own Indie label in the near future.

In this record you can hear D Kist’s new sound and melodic harmonies partnered by Toosii’s vibey rap voice. The visual, directed by Mecca Villain, D Kist and Toosii, are surrounded by beautiful women and stacks of money, showing their big-boy status and natural magnetic appeal to the ladies. 

Dayon “D Kist” Bryant began his singing career after a sports injury followed by the global pandemic, where he had the time to truly lock in on his natural talent. “I make music because I can honestly express myself better and just pour my feelings out on a piece of paper, rather than trying to explain it to somebody,” D Kist proclaims. “Racks Up” is the first single off of D Kist’s upcoming project slated to release Spring/Summer 2021.

How did you start playing music?

I got into music just from being around it my whole life , I would say I got my talents and ear for it from being in the band and playing different instruments. 

Is there a specific aspect of your art making that you love more than others? 

I really love the creative process. I feel as if that is the best part of making music just seeing how the beat is created and how interesting it is to just come up with specific lyrics for a certain type of beat. 

Who are your all time musical icons? 

All time I would say is Charlie Wilson, Justin Bieber, Trey songz, Joe 

Tell us how you approach a new song

My creative process is sitting down listening to the tracks and getting a certain vibe from it whether that’s being a sad vibe , hype vibe , or loving vibe. Then I create the lyrics by either writing them down, or doing an audio recording so the flow is fresh and then I proofread the lyrics and record it . 

What do you like to address with your lyrics?

Just seeing different situations in my life I may not have grown up in the hood or been around, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen stuff of the sorts. I have always made sure my lyrics represent me as a person. 

Do you draw inspiration from other forms of art such as paintings, literature, cinema etc? 

I actually draw some inspiration from cinema. I like to watch movies and just write lyrics about what the characters in the movie go through. I feel as if this is a good way to practice perfecting your writing by doing this and writing about different situations.

Tell us about your latest release and how it came about? 

My latest release was Racks up ft Toosii and how this record came about  I came to ATL to record and once I finished the hook and the first verse and I felt like it would be good for a feature and then my team and I sat down and just listened to it and I felt as if Toosii sounded perfect for this record because of his versatility and we collaborated and made a hit song. 

What’s the future looking like for you? 

At the moment I’m not focused on the future because I know what I do in the present is going to make my future. I can say that I’m expecting great things for myself because I know the work I put in is going to pay off . 

Who inspires your style and aesthetics? 

I have always been a man of mine on fashion so I try to take some ideas from magazines and really fit it to match what I like and make my own style .