Photo Credit Märta Thisner.

Rising Swedish indie pop artist Esther releases her captivating new EP Wander today via the Skolhaus collective which is part of the INGRIDfamily – stream HERE via your preferred DSP. The 4-song EP is the culmination of the past three years working alongside EP producer Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow, AMASON) and his Teenage Engineering partner Jesper Kouthoofd. 

She also got some songwriting help on Wander from Caroline Cederlöf, a.k.a. GRANT who, apart from “It’s Alright,” provided a sounding board for the young musician as she crafted the lyrics for the songs featured on the new EP.

“Wander is a collection of different situations and feelings. In comparison with my last EP I think this one has more of a hopeful sound, but the lyrical theme is pretty much the same.

I have a hard time picking a favorite song off of Wander. They’ve all been a favorite at one point in time.

Hope is my favorite subject to write about and has been for a long time. “Falling is enough if I’m falling indefinitely” is a line from the EP that I really like, meaning that if you don’t focus on the impact it’s not necessarily a bad experience.” 

Esther 2022