Photo Cred: Alex Lam

Peach Luffe is the moniker for South Korea-born, Toronto-based bedroom pop artist, Jong Lee, a classically trained violinist who makes dream pop with friends in his bedroom studio. He’s gotten a lot of love from past singles, amounting in 2M+ streams on Spotify, 14.7K+ followers on TikTok.

The name Peach Luffe came from a manga called One Piece, the main character Luffy is a boy who wants to become the king of the pirates. In his case, the most free man in the entire sea. He starts the journey alone but along the way he finds more companions. First is a swordsman, then a navigator, then, cook, and so forth. All of the other members have their individual dreams and accomplishments they want to achieve. The swordsman wants to be the best of all time. The cook wants to find this particular ocean. It’s the same for Peach Luffe.

On “Fallen,” lush acoustic guitars weave in and out of cinematic string arrangements, layers of synths, and stunning harmonies to create a dreamy sonic landscape typical of a Peach Luffe track. Soft, dreamy, and heavy with yearning, “Fallen” tells a relatable tale of running into your ex when you’re least expecting it.Jong says: “This song is a personal story. As I was biking to my friend’s apartment I passed by my ex of 5 years. Luckily I was going at a lightning speed but I saw her. My heart was pounding and my mind was in shock. A feeling every young person experiences.”