The future’s looking bright for Swedish electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Sjödin, better known as Sailor & I as he announces his new track ‘Tears’ out now through Helix Records. 

Drawing on a myriad of influences from 90s electronica, pop, house and soul, ‘Tears’ cuts though the noise to offer up a delectable slice on dreamlike balearic infused grooves that blur the lines between nostalgic and classic sounds; continuing to push the boundaries of modern dance music with subtle hints of retro atmosphere. 

Alexander Sjödin (aka Sailor & I) walks the line between emotive electronic music and dancefloor sensibility. The name was designed as a metaphor for the idea of multiple selves, specifically the two driving forces that Sjödin believes reside within himself. Although he began writing and recording music at a young age, it took him a long time to share his creations with the wider world, due in part to the personal nature of the music he was producing. His first global release came in 2012, when he released the Tough Love EP on Black Butter Records. 

The EP immediately garnered Sjödin global attention, leading to a number of international shows. His second EP, Turn Around, followed in 2014, this time released via Life and Death Records . He began to pick up the pace in 2015; alongside international tours he established his own label, Invention of Loneliness, which released two Sjödin EPs, Leave the Light On and Sweat, that year. In 2016, Sjödin put the finishing touches on his long-awaited debut album, The Invention of Loneliness.