Based out of Seattle, Sea Lemon is the new solo project of 26-year-old songwriter Natalie Lew. After picking up an electric guitar for the first time in 2019, Natalie discovered a love for writing, recording, and producing music. Natalie’s first band Climates, an all-female grunge project based out of Brooklyn, where she formerly lived, gave her an unshakeable desire to make something uniquely her own.

“Making this EP felt a little bit like the feeling of being a little kid and jumping off of a dock at summer camp for the first time. The task to create a body of work you’re proud of, with so many parts and considerations, for the first time, can feel terrifying, but once I jumped in and started working on the EP in a real way, the jump didn’t feel so scary anymore.” 

“Close Up upon listening sounds sort of positive, jangly, and like light summer music, but when you dig into it the lyrics are pretty revealing of an anxious and stressed person. A lot of that sound and lyrical content differentiation is sort of how I hoped to approach it; almost like how my outward appearance might seem perfectly happy to others but within the content lies inner turmoil.” 

“My sound evolved a lot even while writing and recording this EP. I imagine it moving even further into tracks like Eraser and Last Year in the future.”