Luxury fashion platform SYKY is proud to announce the appointment of Nicola Formichetti as its first Artistic Director. In this new role, Formichetti will bring his creative leadership to the growing digital fashion landscape. He will support SYKY’s creative endeavors as SYKY continues to define the future of fashion, identifying and nurturing new synergies between established luxury brands and the next generation of digital and physical designers.

Nicola Formichetti is one of the industry’s most prolific and celebrated visionaries. As Creative Director, Formichetti has steered the creative vision at numerous international luxury houses, including Mugler and Diesel, and collaborated with international brands such as Uniqlo, MAC, and Alexander McQueen. He is particularly well known for his boundary-pushing, decade-long collaboration with Lady Gaga, which resulted in an array of iconic moments that defined both the fashion and pop culture of its era.

“I joined SYKY captivated by its vision for a future where digital and physical fashion worlds coexist. My career has always been about pushing boundaries, whether it was with Lady Gaga or in the world of high fashion. At SYKY, I’m thrilled to be part of a community that’s not just adapting to the future but actively shaping it. We’re creating a dynamic space where digital innovation meets traditional fashion, forging an exciting new path in the industry. This blend of different worlds is precisely what excites me about SYKY – it’s a place where we’re redefining fashion for a new era, fostering a community at the cutting edge of fashion and technology.”

Nicola Formichetti, Artistic Director of SYKY:

“Nicola’s addition to SYKY marks a significant chapter in our journey. His expertise in meshing the worlds of pop culture with luxury fashion mirrors our ambition to innovate in the luxury digital fashion arena. His track record showcases his talent for capturing the zeitgeist, and his vision aligns seamlessly with SYKY’s goal of redefining luxury for a digital-first audience and supporting emerging designers. As we embark on this exciting new phase at SYKY, Nicola will be invaluable, particularly in mentoring the next wave of digital fashion talent that is building the future where fashion transcends traditional boundaries.”
Alice Delahunt, Founder & CEO of SYKY