The Lust project first began as a desire by KID MOXIE, the musical moniker of Greek born, LA-based composer and musician Elena Charbila, to recreate the Jennifer Lopez hit “Waiting For Tonight.” After connecting with synthwave doyenne NINA (Nina Boldt) via Zoom, the idea emerged that a sultry female duet is exactly what this track needed. 

The notion of a duet-driven project was very appealing to both artists who’ve firmly established themselves with successful solo releases, and notable past collaborations. It was clear both pop/synth songstresses shared a similar headspace and bonded over their affection towards dark cinematic scores such as Blade Runner, Twin Peaks, and Drive.

KID MOXIE & NINA’s debut track “Waiting For Tonight” was featured on Italians Do It Better’s After Dark Vol. 4 compilation (August 2022) and based upon the response the acclaimed label signed on for a larger collection of tracks.

Kid Moxie

-How did this collab come about? Our manager Michael arranged for us to meet over zoom because he felt we share the same synth sensibilities and similar vocals styles. I already loved NINA’s album “Synthian” and was so excited for us to create a shared “electric” universe together.

–What do you think you learned from each other? NINA’s songs were very melodic yet unabashedly 80’s which was something I really loved and wanted to create more of. Working with her made me get out of my head a little more, and once she and I were able to write lyrics and vocals in two days (something I had never done before) it really became apparent for me that speed and quality don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 

–What is the track “Lust” about and how did you come up with it? How about “Electric Kiss”? “Lust” is a song about longing to get back together with someone, even if that feels like a “crime.” Both the song and the video focus on the erotica aspect of falling in love, whereas “Electric Kiss” is a way more light and sweet song about running away with someone you like and vanishing into the sunrise. 


–How did this collab come about? Our manager Michael teamed us up and thought our vocal styles would blend nicely. I really admired Kid Moxie’s music and got very excited about performing a duet with another artist who shared my interests. Our passion for soundtracks and 80s synthpop really tightened our creative bond.

–What do you think you learned from each other? Sometimes, less is more. For example, the song “LUST” almost had a traditional chorus but Kid Moxie suggested we give it more space, making things more mysterious and cinematic. Holding back and leaving room for interpretation created a nice allure, which inspired me.

–What is the track “Lust” about and how did you come up with it? How about “Electric Kiss”? The song “Electric Kiss” is about finding someone you love and running off together. Our whole EP ‘LUST’ was created with a shared motive to create something different. All the musical elements (the duet, dreamy guitars, cinematic synths, pulsating beats, etc) were a product of our craving for adventure, wild passion, and pleasure. “Lust” is the song that reinforces that idea. The fact that it never fully reaches a “climax” preserves the feeling of burning desire.”