Meet  Sara and Brynja. They are sisters and together they make music as EYJAA! Their new single revolves around the emotions of loneliness and the acceptance and beauty of feeling sad…

‘The Wrecking Crew’ takes off as a blissful classic pop tune but as the chorus kicks in it kinda transforms into an atmospheric bop with both folk and country vibes. It’s out on October 1st. 

Sara and Brynja hail from Iceland and ‘The Wrecking Crew’ is their just 2nd release as EYJAA. Still to be discovered beyond the Icelandic (and Danish borders).

‘The Wrecking Crew’ is a blissful introduction to the World of EYJAA. This is modern pop with an undeniable touch of Nordic nostalgia. And as the chorus kicks in, ‘The Wrecking Crew’ transforms into an atmospheric bop with notes of both folk and country in perfect harmony with the voices of the Danish-Icelandic sisters.

Sara and Brynja were born in two different countries. Together they were raised to the sound of music while their parents’ global jobs made them citizens of the World. They tell:

“We’ve lived in multiple big cities round the World and speak 7 different languages, so when growing up, change was always just around the corner. But from a very early age music became something special between us – from kindergarten performances to music classes as transverse flute, viola and ukulele to studying music and dancing together. Music is our space – a place of harmony.”