Photo credit: LAURA BROWN

With over 26k views on her first single ”Time Frame,” Tilda has built a strong following in London and Brighton. With her exciting self-produced EP “IKIGAI” debuting with a launch party at the legendary Hootannanys on 9.11.22, things are looking bright, and with the 2nd single “Say No” out on 21.10.22 we get left wanting more. 

The 2nd track of the record goes from melancholic to enlightening & has been described as a mix between Kae Tempest & FKA Twigs. This beat-heavy electronic track challenges the sonic landscape & puts Tilda in a field of her own. The genre fluid song by the self-made music producer is about finding your authentic self, it mirrors the frustration that anxiety brings out when we don’t love ourselves, constantly saying no to who we are.

What inspired this last release?

“So many of us push ourselves down in order to make others feel comfortable. Minimizing our authentic self, fearing that our true energy will make others dislike us. This song came about because of that. It’s about finding the balance between understanding when to protect our energy and when to have the courage to speak out and stand up for ourselves, and stop saying no, to who we really are. When we never open our hearts and show our vulnerability we never give ourselves or others a chance to be loved for who we truthfully are which fills us with emptiness and lack of connection, and it can make us lose belief in real love. ‘Say No’ encourages you to be you, stop saying no to who you are and believe you can be loved in your most vulnerable way”

What’s something you always wanted to write a song about but never did?

“I wish there had been more room for writing about the political climate in the world. My music is heavily based on personal growth and my own experiences. I think this is extremely important too, but at times I feel as if I could use the powerful tool that music is to comment on wider things in the world.”

Any funny anecdotes from the time you were recording or writing this?

“This song was an experiment that accidentally became a song. About 4 years ago when I just started to produce, ‘Say No’ was the 3rd track I opened up in Logic. I wanted to challenge myself rhythmically and ‘Say No’ was the first try I made to create something beat-wise that wasn’t an ordinary drum pattern. I layered a bunch of samples, cut and stuck things together and I fell into a pattern I loved. It wasn’t until much later that I wrote the lyrics and it became a song about revealing one’s true self.”

What’s your favorite thing to do besides music?

“I have a massive passion for creativity in all its forms. I do a lot of art related to creating on the side of music, such as painting and making prints. I currently run a little business called Faces, I make one-line drawings of faces that represents moods we go through in life that we struggle to express ( I am also massively into philosophy and spirituality and have studied a lot of teachers and ideas the past years – Eckhart Tolle is a favorite. Overall mental and physical well-being takes over a lot of my time and I do as much as I can to aid my personal struggles. Nature and sports have therefore become a big interest of mine and I do a lot of physical work on the side.” 

What’s a record or artist that shaped your creativity? 

“Bjork – Homogenic. It’s impossible not to mention Bjork, she is and will always be my all time favourite. The way she cuts through with her music and voice is incomparable to any other artist.”

Who is an artist or band you look up to today?

“A lot of the artists on the UK jazz scene have been a big inspiration lately. I would say Laura Misch is one of those. But also polish producer KASKA and avant-garde pop singer Vassilina. Strong females in the music world.”

What excites you the most about what you do?

“That I get to let go in music. Feel my feelings without being questioned. It’s the one place in life I feel that I can be fully free and myself. It excites me that I can promote this idea of authenticity through my creativity and it’s a massive part of my message and I want to give the opportunity to everyone to be able to feel this free. Something I speak very clearly about in my single Treading Water with the line –  “I wish I could make everybody feel this free”