The long-awaited sophomore release from the UK alternative singer-songwriter brings a very different side to Holly’s musicality and depth. While her debut album, “Monday Green” featured Holly’s impressive rock guitar work and alternative pop anthem prowess, her new work shows a more introspective, and slightly more delicate side to her songcraft.

“The Planes”, is a beautiful retro gem that instantly pleases the ear with its silky-smooth layers of haunting psychedelic harmonies and fuzzy guitar leads. There’s a crisp organic sound encasing the track as stunning streams of consciousness collide in shimmering audio gold.

Recorded in a farmhouse in the English countryside, “The Walls” brings Holly full circle from her previous Los Angeles recorded album. Finely crafted arrangements, sonic musings, and playful themes take us on a journey with Holly as she deconstructs her Brit Pop and classic influences and reassembles them into progressive-folk wonderment. 

“I wrote The Planes while I was at home. I’d been staring out of the window, watching the planes go by, probably from Gatwick Airport, taking people to a new, exciting place. And there I was, still, in the place I’d always been. 

It isn’t a bleak song, it’s a reminder that the fears holding me in my place, were not real. And I can open the door and leave them behind at any time. 

Something about releasing songs, letting go of the arrangement, the process, etc. Finally stepping away from the canvas is therapeutic, especially when the song is about something I’ve been holding onto. So it always feels good in a way!”