Photo credit: Clément Dezelus

Adi Oasis has announced her debut album, Lotus Glow, due out March 3 on Unity Group. Her first album as Adi Oasis, and her first recording ever to be released on vinyl (pre-order here), the Lotus Glow double disc collection features an eclectic range of guests, including Rihanna and Ariana Grande songwriter KIRBY, recent Beyonce collaborator Leven Kali, who co-wrote and co-produced several tracks on Renaissance,R&B poet & musical powerhouse Jamila Woods, and UK neo-soul artist Aaron Taylor.

“Lotus Glow is the first album I’ve released as Adi Oasis, and it’s my most personal work yet. Musically it’s my most confident — and the most organic, and funky, the way we sound on stage. Thematically it’s fearless, yet vulnerable, and also more political, because I am a black female immigrant, and these are my truths. Lotus Glow represents the flower I have blossomed into, and the Glow that is my destiny.”

On Lotus Glow, the French Caribbean, Brooklyn based soul-funk-r&b artist combines her masterful production, soaring vocal chops and spectacular bass prowess to create her most political, personal and striking body of work to date. The announcement comes with the release of her new single, “Multiply” 

“Multiply” is about that very real thing that happens to many women when their hormones start saying “I want a baby”. It can be purely hormonal, or desperately romantic. Sometimes it’s both. Of course men say “I want to have your baby” to women all the time. But I wanted to flip the script, saying it from a position of power, but also from a place of vulnerability.”