Boston-based guitarist and songwriter Savoir Faire is preparing to release her mesmerizing and genre-bending new single, “How’s It Supposed To Feel.” Fusing jazz with soft rock, the track features a unique and empowering perspective on essential workers during a global health crisis. Percussions and beautiful background vocals perfectly complement Savior Faire’s powerful lead vocals as she delivers her urgent message.

“This song was cathartic, I suppose. As most of my songs are! They come from places of frustration, often. When Covid hit, it felt like everyone was all about celebrating nurses, teachers, childcare workers, etc- temporarily. Then, the tone quickly changed once society started to incur major disruptions over a prolonged period of time. 

It’s unfortunate, but the negative voices always felt louder than the positive and appreciative ones. It felt like suddenly people in person-facing jobs were villains if they weren’t willing to put others’ needs in front of their own. Historically, that has been what these types of jobs are built off of. 

They rely on someone putting others’ needs before their own. Right? It makes sense. But Covid really had me take a pause and start to think about the societal structure with all of this. Are these jobs high paying? No. Are they well respected? Often, no. Are they vital to the structure of our society? Yes. We saw how quickly things start to crumble without these people. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like anything has changed since that experience. 

How quickly people forget! People in these fields are on strike in many countries right now. That isn’t a coincidence. The icing on the cake is that, historically, these were occupations that women took up. I do think that is part of the reason why they have historically been undervalued. It’s the “caregiver” ideology. Suddenly, you start standing up for yourself and people equate that to not caring about the people you are caring for. 

The reality is that if we don’t care for our caregivers, they can’t care for our elderly, sick, or children. This song is to say “how am I supposed to feel, when I am giving and giving and no one takes care of me?” It sounds so dramatic when I put it that way, but for some people it’s very real!