Ryan Khera is a singer/songwriter from Vancouver BC, Canada.  Playing guitar, piano, and vocals, his musical style ranges mainly from indie folk to acoustic pop.  His songwriting focuses on incorporating catchy vocal melodies, and simple, yet captivating backing instrumentation.  Ryan has been writing songs in the comfort of his bedroom for years, and after honing his craft, he recently released his debut single titled “It’ll Be Alright”.  He is currently in the process of recording his debut EP, as well as some other songs for future projects.

“It’ll Be Alright” is an indie-pop track I wrote back in 2015, and I finally decided to release it as my debut single.  It opens with some simple acoustic guitar strums, and quickly turns into an upbeat, feel good banger with strong, catchy vocals throughout the song.  This song means a lot to me, because it is the first song I ever wrote that I felt was good enough to cut through the noise and stand alone as a strong debut single.