Drawing inspiration from the likes of Zeds Dead, Subtronics, and Ganja White Night, ALLEYCVT’s production prowess and meticulous sound design are evident in her tracks. ‘GLITCH’ is no exception, promising to elicit those quintessential bass faces while simultaneously drawing listeners in with its siren-like vocal melodies and infectious lyrics.

What’s it like to have the support of icons like Zeds Dead on ‘GLITCH’, especially considering they are such a significant musical influence for you? 

Thanks for having me!! Honestly it’s incredible. Yeah, Zeds Dead is a HUGE inspiration & one of the main artists that made me want to produce edm in the first place, so to have a song on their label makes me really happy and I’m honored. Especially for my first label release :’)     

Can you walk us through the creative evolution of ‘GLITCH’? From the initial spark to the final touches, what was the creative journey like for this track?

I always start with the melody first! Usually I’ll lay down some saw wave notes so I don’t get distracted by the sound itself and find a melody I really like. I’ll make chords out of them, and then I’ll do some vocal passes over it. I usually just freestyle it until I end up coming with a hook idea that I like, and then from there I base the songs vibe off of what the song is trying to say! I felt like Glitch was be emotional & sparkly when I made it. I feel like it would be emotional and sparkly when you’ve escaped the matrix (unless you’re in the Keanu Reeves Matrix then maybe not haha). At the end I try to see what space I can fill up with atmosphere & fills! Also, the song is never really done. Im always putting finishing touches on it up until I HAVE to turn it in for release, and even then I still wanna do more lol.      

With the rise of TikTok as a platform for artists, what aspects do you find most beneficial in engaging with fans and promoting your music?     

I’ve always said that tiktok is really great for showing your personality. Obviously, the music is the most important part… But I think people sometimes underestimate the power of connecting with your fans on a human level. I know I still have a lot of work to do on my production (in my opinion) but my connection my fans and I have is unmatched. It’s like we’re all homies!!     

‘GLITCH’ is described as a song about the joy of love, beyond just romantic connections. Could you expand on the concepts of love and escapism embedded within the track? 

yes!! It’s honestly just about how people get super comfortable in their day to day life, even if they don’t like it. Which I don’t think is acceptable!! You can be anything you want in this life. If you love producing and you wanna be a producer, you better go get it!! If you love accounting and you wanna be an accountant, rip those numbers baby!! It doesn’t matter what you want to be, but don’t you DARE settle for something you don’t like or love. You deserve more. Life is too short. There is a way to escape this “matrix” we’re in, no matter where you came from or what’s holding you down at the present moment. I just want people to know that most of the time, the only person standing in your way is yourself.     

Looking at the road ahead for ALLEYCVT, what are your dreams and goals for the project, and how do you envision your sound and artistry evolving in the dynam ic electronic music scene?

I really want to tour Europe and have my own Red Rocks show at some point! I’ve been focusing a lot on how to improvise my sound going into next year. It’s gonna be the same ALLEYCVT vibes, but I’m focusing a lot more on simplicity, better sound design, and being a lot more picky with the songs I put out. I really just want to be better than my 2023 artist self next year!