Rising Avant-pop Swedish artist REIN returns with a brand new release ‘There’s No Tomorrow’, lifted from the upcoming album ‘GOD IS A WOMAN’ due this November.

Following on from recent single ‘How’s It Gonna Be?’, ‘There’s No Tomorrow’ continues REIN’s musical evolution. Drawing on a myriad of influences from hyper-pop, IDM, post- punk and new wave, weaving an unrelenting, genre defying clash of complex soundscapes and introspective musings. REIN says: “It’s simply about dancing like there’s no tomorrow in a decadent blade runner night club from the future”.

What’s the idea behind There’s No Tomorrow? :

When me and Djedjotronic created the beat I saw skyscrapers, dark night and a big night club from the future. Something that could come out from the Blade Runner movie. Since all of my music has a dystopian vibe to it I started to ask myself what if people knew that the world was going to end? What are they going to do? I think most ravers would dance like there’s no tomorrow. 

Tell us about your new album “God Is A Woman”? :

The new album is a sequel of my first debut album REINCARNATED. It’s about being born again and becoming God. REINCARNATED was very much about breaking free and the struggle of being a human being in the matrix of the system. God Is A Woman is the next transformation but much more through personal experiences mixed with patriarchal structures through a relationship perspective, a woman’s perspective and through a creative perspective. For example the A-side begins with the struggle and then by the B-side of the album you become more yourself, more free and powerful. I believe that through creativity you come closer to the most important source of life, I don’t know if you could call it God but it’s something so powerful to me. I mean being creative has always saved my life through every struggle, It gives me meaning. Also the scene is so ridiculously male dominated so I wanted to celebrate womanhood for once, bring up subjects that are important to me. I love strong women so much and I believe that being vulnerable is the most powerful we can be and love is the answer to everything. 




* You seem to be addressing some very thought provoking themes in your music. Tell us about your creative process.

Am I? I don’t understand what’s so provoking about my themes in my music? If you mean the song “Refuse The Pressure” is about human rights basically. Not sure what’s so provoking about it. To stand up against oppression, the patriarchy and wanting freedom. Is that provoking? If you mean the “No Rule’s” is just a song to my haters who constantly want to put me in a box and tell a woman what she has to do and not to do. I think a lot of women can relate. Being discredited by men and hated for winning. Jealousy by men. This is a song that celebrates strong women who go their own way, taking no shit from no one and keep winning. My creative process can look very different, it depends on the beat, the mood and what I am going through in my life at the moment. Usually I let the music write itself. It could be a vibe I’m going for or it comes from a feeling that I had that day or experiences or from a beat. But the most important of it all is to have fun in the studio. Let it be your play station. Play with sounds, ideas, quotes that got stuck with me, rhythms, it could be anything. Thankfully I have my companion and co-producer Djedjotronic who is open to my ideas and listens to me. 

* What’s the link between Lennart Nilsson’s work and your music?

I just remembered that I got so inspired when I saw the baby fetus. It was a picture that looked like the fetus was swimming in the galaxy, in the universe. I was so taken away by a mothers whom can look like the universe itself. It made me believe that everything has to be connected. I was only 6 years old when I saw that picture from the photo book “A Child Is Born” and somehow I thought to myself that God was a woman. Since then I became a feminist I think haha. So I wanted to celebrate that by creating this album.

* How has your stage act changed since you started off years ago?

Before I had girls that were drumming live behind me. It was dope because I have never seen a stage act having that before. Unfortunately all of them quit and have day time jobs now. I have developed a lot since I sing more and shout less on songs and I dance more on stage. I try to change my stage act for every new era. During REINCARNATED I focused very much on the audiovisual show, I tried to make the show as a music video. Now I try to do it more club with an audiovisual show and having my co-producer play with me live and he does things live with his machines while I can move freely and do what I do best. 

* What are some contemporary artists you look up to and keep you inspired?

I listen to mostly only old music. For me it’s always Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, David Bowie. Contemporary artists I look up to today would be Robyn, Fever Ray, The Knife, SOPHIE, Acra, Shygirl, COBRAH, Light Asylum and Christine and the Queens.