We’re back with our third installment of What We’re Spinning, a carefully selected weekly playlist brought to you by us: obvious music gurus.

This week’s additions include obvious EDM hits, followed closely by emotionally driven R&B realness. Each single is available for streaming on Spotify.

Movement – Oliver Tree

Produced by EDM sensation Whethan, this beat-driven anthem tackles the fear and power that accompanies the daily struggle for success through Tree’s characteristic blend of lyrical satire and punchy flow.

This track is perfect for screaming in highway traffic after your Monday meetings (that could have just been said in an email).

Open Open – Rainsford

Pop artist Rainsford combines soul and R&B with such gorgeous production that it is almost nostalgic in its’ dreaminess.

Released in October of 2019, the drums and lyrics in this track provide a stimulating driving beat that hooks

Dive – Zes

This song is perfect for long road trips and night-time drives. It functions like a wave that encourages you to “dive” into expansive ambience. Close your eyes and let the soundscape swallow you.

Keep an eye out. We’ll be back with more recommendations on next week’s What We’re Spinning.