Tell us your story

Well, I was born in London and have spent the last 13 years in Ibiza from April-October and from then on started producing music and was inspired by other artists/DJs while going out to watch them. I was surrounded by good people who taught me lots of things about the music industry. 

How much does multifaceted artistry influence your music and style?

My work has so many different personalities and this is because of who I am as a person. I play instruments such as the cello, guitar and piano and produce music on ableton live depending on my mood and emotions. 

My creative process goes two ways, I’m either having lots of fun in the studio with friends and cooking up different beats and experimenting and then something great will be made and our reaction will be so amazing that we’ll know that’s going to be out somewhere. 

The other way is much more serious and personal as I’ll be alone in the studio or with one person really focusing on which kind of track I’m going to produce, usually relying on my emotions again. 

My style and aesthetics have always come from me alone and are totally random as well. I have like 20 different personalities, one day I will be wearing sweats and a hat and the other a super chic elegant dress. This is the same with my music, it’s all art and fun. 

What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

My musical icons are Gwen Stefani for her personality and style as well as music, and Erick Morrillo as I grew up listening to his memorable music which was always such happy and positive energy and he also personally taught me how to produce and to never stop and keep going. 

Tell us about your upcoming release ‘Kitty”

Kitty is by far my favourite track of them all as it’s a super fast BPM and definitely a festival starter. It’s jumpy and sexy at the same time with lots of bass all the way through. I worked on this with my label “Powerhouse” and “Extensive Music” in Dubai and we are all super excited about this one.

Was there any moment in your career where you went ‘Wow I can’t believe this just happened?’

I’ve had a lot of moments like that! Probably when I first got asked to play at Ultra in Miami with Bob Sinclair and for the opening of SantAnna in Mykonos with Luciano who is one of my friends and amazing producer and DJ. 

I didn’t think I’d be able to play alongside such well known artists at such a young age. Also getting a residency at Ministry of Sound and playing the anniversary of Hed Kandi was a huge deal for me, the sound system there is my favourite in the world. Of course ultimately being signed to the most welcoming and believing label “Powerhouse,” changed everything. 

What do you think an emerging artist should do to break through this industry?

You have to put your music out there and let it be heard, whether it’s on SoundCloud or YouTube, anything. You never know where it can take you. Also being social and going out a lot, meeting new people can change your outlook and they can really teach you things you never knew especially with music. 

How do you feel about Covid finally loosening its grip? How is it affecting you and your music?

Personally I would have released more tracks which give off a positive vibe as last year and still today has caused a lot of issues with mental health for a lot of people, I want this to be noticed more and raise awareness to its fullest. We are all in this together. 

You also design jewelry right?

Yes I design jewelry and have been since I was 18 after I left Parsons in New York. I was inspired by rebellion as I was pretty much a nightmare at school and loved to draw which led me to designing a whole rebellious themed range for my line “LS DIAMONDS.” 

How do you picture yourself in the near future?

My future is either bright or dark, there’s nothing in between. In the world we’re living in right now you just have to try different ways to make things work, all I can say is I will keep experimenting and won’t stop until I’m satisfied. At least when I am much older in life I can say I tried and loved what I did.