Raised on parents’ collection of classic rock records, Shae melds those early influences of Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles, with the more modern pop leaning sounds of Clairo and Tame Impala. “Let Me In” finds Shae in a distinct, chill, indie pop sound, where her soft vocals combine with undulating instrumentals and synthetic beats. With divine feminine energy, “Let Me In” will put you in a trance you feel in your heart. As she sings to the listener over and over, “Will you let me in?,” the track begs for mutual vulnerability.

In discussing the song Shae says, “there’s always this intersection at the beginning of a new relationship where you have to decide whether or not you want to pursue something. More often than not, you go separate ways. But every so often, there’s a spark that makes you want to stay and now you have to leave your destiny in the hands of the other person. It’s a beautiful yet terrifying vulnerability.

It’s been over two years since I’ve released music,” Shae shared. “But I never stopped writing or collaborating with my brother. When I moved to Austin, I was blown away by the talent and music happening all around me. It motivated me to record and play live music again. So, this release is a product of creative energy influenced by my surroundings, and I plan to embrace this new found love to magnify the Shae Lane project.”  

“Let Me In” is Shae Lane’s first studio-recorded single. Produced by her brother, Griffin Moonstone, and engineered by Quentin Thomas Brown, “Let Me In” is about the strange beginning stage in a new relationship where there seems to be infinite potential. She sings to the listener over and over: ‘will you let me in?’ The track begs for mutual vulnerability. 

Born in Washington, NJ, and recently adopted by the Austin music community, Shae Lane knows the healing value of music through life changes. “Let Me In” is Shae’s third solo single – a natural progression from the hopeful wash of “Heart’s Desire” and the deep need for a fresh start in “Leave Tonight.” 

As she wrote “Leave Tonight,” she packed up mid-pandemic to move across the country to Austin, Texas with her dog, Jameson. Motivated by the local musicians, “Let Me In” is the result of Shae’s desire to embrace her own creative energy.