Born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in a small town in upstate New York, HUNJIYA got her start in the arts by observing her mother, a visual artist. She then moved back to Korea to pursue her promising career in music. Combining memorable, yet confessional storytelling with soul-infused guitar performance, HUNJIYA creates a novelty mixture of pop, alternative R&B, and folk.

Listen to “TALK2ME” here:

And “FAVORITE” here:

About FAVORITE Hunjiya reveals

“After a breakup, I was returning to the routines I had when I was single instead of as a couple. This song is about realizing the things I used to love were the same things my significant other loved/ were their favorite things (ex: movies, books, songs, etc.). Now after breaking up, I realized those are not actually my favorite things, but moreso, I really only loved those things because I loved that person.”

About TALK2ME! Hunjiya reveals

“The language barrier that can change how you act/talk to other people. In America, I denied my Korean culture because I was constantly seen as a foreigner. As I grew older, I became proud of my heritage, but now I’m finding myself feeling like I don’t belong in the place I was born.”