Jade’s songwriting journey began at 21, collaborating with artists like Myá, Melanie Fiona, and Christina Milian. Her versatility as a backup singer for icons such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna cemented her presence in the industry. In 2012, her debut mixtape Shades of Jade seamlessly blended soulful melodies with humor across 14 tracks. Subsequently, her debut album All Blue, released in 2018, garnered critical acclaim and secured her an NAACP Image Award nomination for Best New Artist.

Photo Credit Gianna Dorsey

Jade’s humorous parody videos, viral on YouTube, showcased her comedic brilliance as she portrayed stars like Beyoncé and Cardi B. This helped Noah amass a loyal following of over 2.5+ million and a viewership of over 70+ million. As a vocal producer and mentor on FOX’s “The Four: Battle for Stardom,” Jade shared her wisdom with aspiring talents and she was a resident vocalist on NBC’s That’s My Jam with Jimmy Fallon. Her versatile career also led her to co-host “The Morning Culture Show” on V-103 in Atlanta and voiced the characters Ashlee Starling and Echo during season 34 of The Simpsons (April 2023).

This is an innovative project that is a hybrid of R&B and a story-telling podcast that is complete with dialogue, interludes, and new original music. The album features an all-star cast of singers and actors, including Leslie Odom Jr, Tabitha Brown, Gail Bean, Wayne Brady, Tony Baker, Kenyon Dixon, and Tarriona “Tank” Ball of Tank and the Bangas.


Tell us about Affirm Me. What’s the message here?

It’s about telling the person you love how you need to be loved. Words of affirmation are my love language and for me, there’s something about being affirmed that makes me feel extra secure in my connection with others. 

How does it fit into your new record? 

Where Have I Been? is a concept album that tells a story from beginning to end. It shows how words of affirmation became my love language because I didn’t receive a lot of affirmation in my childhood. Not hearing I love you affected my relationships with others and my relationship with myself. The album is a reflection of my healing journey and finally discovering how to affirm myself and unlock the power of self-love. 

What’s the main theme and message of this album?

It’s about accountability and how YOU are the only person who can truly save yourself. Healing is an inside job and we owe it to ourselves to reflect and heal to show up fully for ourselves and the people we love. 

What inspires your lyrical content?

My life experiences and stories that I can empathize and connect with. A lot of my lyrics are inspired by the melodies I hear in my head. 

You started writing music very early. How did you evolve as a writer over the years?

Life has been a beautiful teacher. The more you live and experience, the more you have to pull from creatively. I write from a much deeper and authentic space than I did at the beginning of my writing journey.

You collaborated with plenty of artists so far. How do you approach artistic collaborations?

I used to allow my fear and anxiety to stop me from reaching out for collaborations but I set so much intention with this project and knew that it would be a test for me to step out of my comfort zone. I just simply asked the people I wanted to work with if they wanted to be a part of this project. I’m so grateful for all of the features on this album. They are all incredible artists and creatives that inspire me so much. 

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about the music industry?

I’ve learned that success doesn’t look the same for everyone. I’m learning not to take things personally and understanding that this is a music BUSINESS. I’m an independent artist by choice and there are a lot of upsides to ownership, but I also understand that taking this route comes with a lot of challenges and ceilings. I’ve really shifted my perspective on my expectations and I’m just enjoying my journey because you will lose your mind trying to compare yourself to others. 

What’s the future looking like for you? 

I’m going to keep creating stories with music! I have ideas for television, movies, and animated films. I’m going to dig deeper into acting and voice-over acting. My husband Devin and I have a company called Let There Be Art, and we empower independent creatives and give them tools to create business models for their passions. We are expanding and creating new ways to support and build a community for creatives that promote prosperity from a holistic approach. I’m excited about all of it!