Phot credit Rowan Daly

Comic sensation Nurse Blake, who’s been hailed “a genuine phenomenon” by The New York Times and reaches over 4 million followers across social media, recently announced a massive extension to his massively popular Shock Advised Comedy Tour, which kicked off in 2023 with a 100-city run. After touring Australia and New Zealand earlier this year, Nurse Blake – who started his career as an E.R. nurse before transitioning into comedy – is gearing up to perform at the Netflix is a Joke Fest in Los Angeles on May 4th, where he join the line up with some of the biggest names in comedy, including Chelsea Handler, Ali Wong, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah, and many more (get tickets here!).

This June, following his annual nursing conference that unites 3,000 nurses from around the world for NurseCon at Sea (sailing to Mexico this April), Blake will kick off a new U.S. leg of his Shock Advised Comedy Tour that will reach 45 cities through December. A comedy tour reaching over 145 cities in the U.S. and abroad?! That’s how you know it’s a must-see show! Tickets are now available at

Below, we chat with the comic sensation – who also has his own publication, Nurse Blake Magazine! – about his unique career journey, the wildly popular tour, and his excitement for joining comedy greats at Netflix is a Joke Fest

What made you decide to quit nursing and become a comic?

 Nurse Blake: Back in 2017, on my way home from working in the intensive care unit, I had my first panic attack. My heart was pounding, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was so stressed and tired from working so much. So, I turned to comedy as an emotional outlet. After a couple of my videos went viral on Facebook, I saw how comedy was helping fellow nurses. That’s what I do now, I help people who help others. 

 What do you remember from your days as a nurse and what do you still carry with you?

 NB: I always loved spending time with patients, but working in departments like the I.C.U. and trauma, I’ve seen all types of injuries and illnesses. Those moments take a toll on you. Out of all medical professionals, nurses spend the most time with parents and their families. Through those experiences I’ll always have a deep admiration for nurses. 

How did you make the transition into comedy?

NB: I’ve always loved to entertain. When I was in nursing school, I worked a part-time job as Peter Pan at Disney World back in my hometown, Orlando. Comedy was always an outlet for me. Being in a stressful line of work, I needed a way to release, and comedy was that for me. After my videos were doing well online and I was able to see that people were really resonating with the material, the natural next step was to go on tour. Because my comedy is so niche it really speaks to specific experiences of the nursing and medical professional community. 

You’ve been on a massive comedy tour since last year – how has that been for you? Favorite moments or cities?

NB: Touring has been such a great experience of camaraderie. Given that most of the tour’s attendees are nurses, there’s a mutual understanding of our community and such an appreciation. It’s great to see how that connection transcends geographical location. I think it’s cool that at my show’s you’ll find 20-something nursing students laughing alongside 80-year-old nurses! I also love that this tour is not just comedy only nurses can appreciate; so many nurses bring their spouses and friends who are not in the medical profession, and they are able to enjoy the show just the same. Good humor is good humor. 

What can we expect from your Netflix is a Joke Fest performance next May 4th?

NB: Most of my audience at my shows are in the medical field and my material is geared towards this community that I have been a part of. So, of course, it’s going to be classic Nurse Blake comedy about the medical world but on another level and material all adults can appreciate. This is Netflix, people, it’s going to be next level! 

How did you get the idea of NursesCon at Sea? What inspired it?

NB: I started NurseCon at Sea in 2022 as a way for nurses from around the world to connect and provide them with a fun nursing conference experience. Nurses can take CNE courses while traveling and enjoying the ocean, as well as live entertainment. It’s my favorite event! 

What are you most looking forward to for this year’s NurseCon at Sea?

NB: Overall, I love seeing so many different people connect and have a good time with one another. We are departing from Miami and making our way to Mexico and the Bahamas – all the best destinations! It’s always such a great time and each year honestly gets better and better. 

What can we expect from you next?

NB: Lots of comedy! I’ll be in 45 U.S. cities for my Shock Advised Comedy Tour through the end of 2024 – tickets just sent on sale today at, so come see!