Hip-hop artist AKTHESAVIOR and lo-fi producer sagun have officially announced their forthcoming joint album u r not alone, releasing on April 5, 2024 via Platoon. Featuring an array of guest collaborators – from Pink Siifu to Mick Jenkins, Erick The Architect, A$AP Twelvyy, Jaws of Love (Kelcey Ayer of Local Natives), and Azizi Gibson – the project meditates on self-actualization and the search for community within a social landscape that feels increasingly disconnected; distilled within fourteen tracks that collide the worlds of rap and lo-fi. 

“To us, ‘u r not alone’ is a message of solidarity. As humans, we’re all unique individuals, yet we all go through similar experiences and can help each other by spreading love and being more open and united,” says AK about the record. “In this fast-paced society that we’ve created for ourselves, we tend to lose connection to the fundamental things that make us feel whole. Community, knowing your self worth, treating others with kindness, making mistakes and learning from them. This album is meant to bring those things back into view as a reminder of what truly holds value in life.”

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AKTHESAVIOR: My inspiration for creating the ‘u r not alone’ album came from my personal life experiences during 2020 and 2021, and my perspective of the world. It contains everything that was happening to me during that time, like dealing with break ups, the importance of self-love, community, and so much more. ‘u r not alone’ is another way of saying I am another you, and that we all go through hard times but can connect, share experiences and potentially heal those scars.

SAGUN: I always wanted to make a rap album and was working on making instrumentals for one. My bro Jordan and I were searching for right person to make an album with. Somehow he was connected with AK and suggested I send him some instrumentals to see how it goes. Then I started sending bunch of beats to AK and what he did with it was beautiful. For me, ‘u r not alone’ means we all are connected somehow in this universe. No matter how lonely you feel in this life, there will always be someone who will back you up. 


AKTHESAVIOR: Dear World” is my letter to everyone on the planet. It’s a track that states the harsh realities society is being faced with like inflation and people losing their homes and jobs. At the end of Dear World, I made an affirmation to help me and others whenever we might be feeling low in life and need some uplifting words & energy.

SAGUN: Dear World” is the intro track of “u r not alone”. This was the first beat I made for the album, and I was really surprised by AK’s execution. The message that he delivers on the track is so real.