Dim Mak rising star Aviella is back with her latest piece “Comfortable,” produced by QUIX. The pop-infused electronic track boasts QUIX’s top notch production, alongside Aviella’s alluring vocals, as the song tells a story of finding the beauty in your independence, and standing on your own.

The release of “Comfortable” coincides with Valentine’s Day – and stands as a reminder that confidence and strength should be found on your own, and not just with or for a partner. Aviella hopes she encourages fans to stand on their own through the lyrics of the song. 

Aviella is a 24 year old singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, hailing from Rochester, New York. She has worked on over 50 collaborations and features with industry-leading artists including Slushii, QUIX, ARMNHMR, Barclay Crenshaw (Claude Von Stroke), MYRNE, and many others. 

Her feature on “Inspiration” with Unknown Brain has over 32 Million plays across Spotify & YouTube and her collaborations with Slushii & Pixel Terror are featured in popular video games Rocket League & Fortnite – with 430 million combined players. 

Hailing all the way from New Zealand, QUIX initially traveled to North America in 2017 for 10 shows and finished up doing an astonishing 42. He has been tearing up the trap scene ever since, continuously shaking new ground with his unique sound design.Coming off three headline tours in 2018, including Coachella and support on Steve Aoki’s Kolony tour, QUIX had a break-out year with his Illusions EP on Dim Mak, shaking the world’s largest playlists and crowds alike. The eclectic six-track EP pushed the boundaries of electronic music, showcasing QUIX’ diverse range of skills and ingenuity.

QUIX’s collaboration with Alison Wonderland “Time” pushes the boundaries of bass music. QUIX has also been honored by Spotify to feature on the cover of their two biggest international dance playlists, “Mint” and “Dance Rising”. Keep your eyes open for an EP coming soon as well as more TIGERDROOL content, which is QUIX’s collaborative project with Vincent. Catch QUIX on his New Zealand The Bolt Tour this year.

Tell us about your story as an artist 

I’ve always loved music!! I’ve been singing & performing guitar on stage since I was 7, and I begged my parents to move to California so I could pursue music. They both quit their jobs and moved the family cross country so I could follow my dreams – and I’m eternally grateful. After over 50 collaborations and features in the EDM space, I was signed to Steve Aoki‘s label Dim Mak in 2020 as a solo artist. Soon after I had a #1 Billboard Dance/Mixshow Airplay Chart hit with my song “tell me what you’re thinking” and I’m now releasing singles from my second EP. 

What do you think is the most important aspect of your life right now?

Perspective. I have a positive outlook on life, I’m living in the moment, making exciting plans for my future, trying new things, exploring my passions, and having a great time 🙂

What makes this song special in your opinion?

This song is so special to me because it’s all about self empowerment which is something I really believe in. Being with someone who elevates you is great, but I think it’s important to also stand on your own with independence!

What inspired this track?

It was a moment of realization that no matter how happy people are *in* their relationship, they also need to be happy when they are not together with that person. Kinda like being aware of, and managing co-dependency with confidence!

What are some of the core messages here?

One of the core messages of “Comfortable” is the realization that you can be alone and not be lonely! Another is the idea that you don’t have to settle, or feel so attached and dependent of a relationship. 

How do you think tik tok and social media are contributing to change an artist’s career?

Tik tok & social media have SO much ability to change an artist’s career! It allows me personally to share the things I love with the world….whether it’s my music, guitar covers, dancing, etc. It’s such an amazing platform to connect with people!

What excites you about your life?

Knowing that I start each day with great intentions and new opportunities lying ahead, keeps me looking forward to the future! I love knowing that there are endless paths that can be taken in life. It’s crazy to think of all the amazing things I’ve been able to accomplish in the past year – putting out so much original music, a #1 Billboard, performing at EDC Vegas, and all the personal growth I’ve made in that time too excites me for what the future holds!

What are some of your core values as a human being?

I think above all else, being a kind person is one of the values I connect with most. I’ve always been very involved with volunteering, and I’m also an advocate for mental health. I hold my relationships and connections with people in my life very high on my priorities and I value quality time and helping others. I treat people as I like to be treated, and have deep empathy for other people’s situations. I’ve always wanted to find a way to touch, move, and inspire. Everybody is important and I’ve always focused on making sure each person feels valued.

What are your projects for this year?

I’ve got lots of exciting things happening this year (including a movie role!) and I can’t wait until I’m able to talk about them all! There will definitely be more new music and collaborations, plus some surprises!